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Intonachino Minerale

Lime-based large grain interior-exterior plaster


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Intonachino Minerale

‘Intonachino Minerale’ is one of the traditional coloured Venetian exterior-interior, lime-based decorative plasters, but has found its way to the interiors of contemporary private and commercial properties all over Europe, the US and Australia. With the carefully selected marble grain of Intonachino a great range of slightly and heavily textured finishes are achievable; also, it can be combined with other lime-based plasters to great effect to create a contrast between smooth and rough.

Grana Fine is of a finer grain size (1mm compared to 1.2mm on average) than Grana Media.

This product can be specified for restoration, listed buildings, passivhaus (passive house) systems and buildings built with traditional methods (lime plastering, etc). Due to the alkalinity of the lime Intonachino is bactericidal and is resistant to mould and fungi.



In order to use Intonachino Minerale you will need to apply Unifix primer. Once the finish has been applied, you should conserve the plaster with Impera Wax. The correct tool for this decorative plaster is a Venetian plastering trowel.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Intonachino can achieve a variety of looks, from lime-render to contemporary concrete. This plaster is one of the four main decorative plasters every applicator worth his salt should know about.



This type of Venetian plaster is also called ‘Intona’ or ‘Intonaco’ in Italy and has been used for few hundred years to give the building a natural, ‘carved’ look. Similar lime plasters (‘harling’) have been used outside in Scotland since the 18th century and similar materials have been used in the Middle East since ancient times.



Impera Italia offers colour matches for almost all products

Tool: stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel, plastic trowel
Number of coats: 2 coats
Dilution: ready to be used
Coverage of 'Grana Fine': 1.3-1.5 KG per msq per coat / 0.75-0.65 sqm (8-7 square foot) per KG coat
Coverage of 'Grana Media': 1.7-1.9 KG per sqm per coat / 0.58-0.52 sqm (5.5-6.2 square feet) per KG per coat