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Paint effect with velvety shimmer


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Tango is a water-based Italian decorative paint for interiors, with an elegant velvety shimmer. The quality of this paint is so high that the special metallic pigments can clearly be seen even under softer lights or without direct light. It also gives the wall a soft, fabric-like look.

This special paint comes in gold, silver and red varieties, all with great intensity; it’s a vibrant metallic finish for features or effects on top of Italian decorative plasters.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

This paint can even be applied on one or two coats with various tools. Furthermore, a thicker coating creates a plaster-like, forceful appearance or two thin coats will bring to life an airy, graceful decorative finish. The best look can be achieved by metal Venetian plastering trowel, which can be considered a specialists’ application, but even sponge and roller can create a stunning effect.



Velvet is actually a two-warp fabric, meaning that it’s created by waving together two different thicknesses of the same material. True silk velvet is still very costly and hard to make.



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Tool: Brush, roller or Venetian plastering trowel. Dilution: Ready to use Coverage: 8-10 sqm per Litre on 1 coat, 4-5 msq on 2 coats Number of coats: 1 or 2, use two to get the best effect