Is Microcement Waterproof?

Everything you should know when considering using microcement

“Yes, micro cement is a durable and waterproof modern finish that is made to last for dozens of years when you apply and protect it properly,” says Dmitri Vorobjov, trainer and head technician at Impera Italia.

We hope that you’re going to find it valuable information that the microcement offered by Impera Italia is of the highest quality and has been meticulously tested for resistance against water penetration by Colorificio San Marco in Italy, one of the largest manufacturers of microcement products in the world. Their samples were coated with the unique, bi-component resin, included in every kit, and lasted when water was sprayed on them without any sign of damage or penetration.

But what’s more important, you can rest easy knowing that it has been used successfully countless times in the last six years by interior designers, applicators and end-users worldwide for its waterproof nature on a variety of different surfaces.

As microcement does not absorb water, it can be used on kitchen worktops, bathrooms, on surfaces where polished concrete could not be applied. It can also be used on top of wood, metal or even furniture where the mesh and microcement base prevent cracking if the substrate is solid enough.

When you choose the Impera Italia solution, you do not get a cheap microcement powder and a large tub of low-quality resin like many other resellers offer, but a superior, ready-mixed formulation where the powder only acts as a stabiliser! Continue to find out how to make the finished surface resistant to dirt and moisture with this system.

microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom

Water permeability of Microcement

Cement or concrete, once poured, unlike many other non-organic materials, due to their density, generally do not allow water vapour to sink in quickly but are not entirely waterproof. A concrete slab, while usually very durable, is not impervious to water either and given time, it can absorb and transmit a significant amount of water. Polished concrete, to make it waterproof or stain resistant also needs to be protected. All the above happen given time. Even dense concrete or other dense cementitious materials, as they are porous (up to 10 to 18 per cent of their volume), will be penetrated by water.

On the other hand, selecting microcement for your project or home means that you get a purpose-made system to be completely waterproof. It offers a water repellent finish and a modern look for bathrooms, walls and floors, living areas, or even high traffic areas for a fraction of the thickness of a concrete slab.

What is the correct microcement application to have a waterproof finish?

Dmitri also advises that “Every microcement installation must be done with the right base, primer and protector to ensure the microcement will last and water doesn’t get trapped under a layer. Incorrect installation could lead to quick deterioration.” Impera Italia uses only the finest plasters and the best waterproof microcement protectors from Colorificio San Marco that are water-based and are proven to work.

Furthermore, choosing microcement means that you selected a modern professional system. To ensure the right measure of durability, flexibility and water resistance on all surfaces, make sure to read the manual and apply the micro cement and the sealer correctly!

Taking one of our courses or testing the material and then following the manual ensure that your bathroom, walls and floor will be resistant to cracks, water and even UV rays.

microcement bathroom with shower
microcement bathroom with shower

Microcement, Design vs Usability

Micrococement or micro concrete is an excellent material to use in contemporary design because it’s affordable, lightweight and offers an added sense of sturdiness. It gives designers and homeowners a concrete aesthetic where it would not usually exist and at a fraction of the cost of applying traditional material. Besides the look of concrete, you can achieve several different finishes and even imitate the look of granite or many other stones!

One of the unique advantages of our microcement is that you can use our inorganic pigments to achieve different colours, and in fact, we can match any colour for you!

Our micro cement is a fantastic modern alternative to tiles, concrete or stone slabs, and due to the handcrafted application, the surface can take on the style you envisioned; the finished product can produce a smooth finish or one that shows patterns to fit your overall design in any room, on floors and walls too!

Read on to learn what you need to know about this fantastic surface covering for business or personal purposes.

Is Microcement Worktop Waterproof?

When the worktop kit is applied correctly, a microcement worktop is entirely waterproof and can even resist high temperatures (up to 197 Celsius degrees). Microcement countertops have become highly popular with homeowners and businesses throughout the UK. The cause is that it is not only suitable to create a new worktop, but also, an old worktop can be repurposed this way. You can have a new, pristine finish with an elegant and luxurious look.

Do Corian, marble and granite, or Silestone differ in quality? What makes them different to microcement?

Marble and granite are both sedimentary rocks. While the former is composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite, while granite is composed chiefly of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase. While they have a different composition, granite is denser and more robust, while marble offers various designs and colours.

These stones are very durable once they are treated and protected. Still, microcement provides an alternative that can be beautiful with a different appearance, more excellent resistance to stains and scratches, low maintenance cost and more straightforward application.

Corian is made of acrylic resin and natural minerals, similar to Silestone, which is predominantly quartz (up to 93%) with polymer resins. Both are highly resistant to scratches and staining, but microcement offers more design and colour options. It is also a fraction of the cost of these alternatives.

In conclusion, microcement is an excellent and affordable alternative to other materials on the market, thanks to its unique properties. It can create a waterproof, heat resistant countertop, and with a vast range of colours and design options, it can be tailored to any need. When applied by a professional, microcement provides durability comparable to other solutions on the market, with minor surface maintenance.

microcement worktop
microcement worktop

Can Microcement Worktops Stain?

Microcementement, similar to concrete, can be damaged or stained until a sealer is applied on top. Please take note that similar to marble or granite, you need to clean the surface frequently and should not use strong detergents to clean it. Furthermore, the surface will continue to be susceptible to staining if you leave it in contact with acidic or alkaline compounds.

Your microcement applicator or installer company should have the know-how to ensure all the necessary details are right when installing it in your home and the correct protectors are applied in the right way!

What happens when my waterproof Microcement cracks?

Unlike many other coating systems, a micro cement system includes a tactile base coat with mesh, ensuring that the surface rarely cracks. This makes micro cement suitable for various interior projects and ensures it lasts for a long time.

On the other hand, microcement can crack, but this is generally due to the movement of the substrate. If the project involves wood, countertops, stud work or a new build, you must secure them and leave any concrete to dry, remove cracked tiles and sometimes you even need to re-board the floor.

If the support is firm, even and does not move, the only thing left to check is heat and underfloor heating in the room; you should not turn on any underfloor heating until the microcement applied on floors is not completely dry.

Microcement is thin, only 3 to 3.5mm thick; therefore, it will not endure significant movement. If movement is so great that the cracks show through the mesh and base coat, you will need to repair the substrate and also the micro screed!

beton cire
beton cire

How to repair microcement?

We recommend not to attempt repairs with a small amount of material, except if it was left over when the project was completed. Ordering a larger amount of material ensures that colours and finishes can be tested and accurately matched.

We also recommend taking one of our courses or booking one of our specialists and not attempting any repairs on your own unless you’ve already successfully done it.

Waterproofing level of Microcement compared to polished concrete

The protectors included in the Impera Italia kits for floors and bathrooms ensure a better waterproofing rate than polished concrete’s, but not the same durability.

Microcement can resist light scratches (but not dropping heavy objects) and has an elastic mortar component that makes it more flexible than polished concrete. It is primarily for non-industrial use in homes and offices, and the styles and designs of microcement are more refined than concrete.

Is microcement more waterproof than other natural materials?

Yes, microcement is more waterproof than almost any natural material (e.g. lime, clay, Venetian plaster, special paints etc.) used for vertical or horizontal interior surfaces, except tiles. The micro cement coatings are applied in several layers with a sealant to increase the waterproofing properties.

The resins of microcement are also a significant advantage when it comes to the development of mould and algae as it can not take hold on micro cement and therefore keeps your surface fresh and clean.

If you consider using other materials for a floor, no other plaster product provides the same sophisticated design, level of water resistance on only 3-3.5mm.

Microcement floor and wall kit
Microcement floor and wall kit

Is microcement flooring waterproof?

If correctly applied, the Impera Italia microcement is 100% waterproof.

The microcement is applied in several layers with a sealant to increase the waterproofing properties and ensure that it will be watertight from the top.

We recommend cleaning the floor regularly, and if it is under heavy use, the protector should be re-applied from time to time.

Why choose Impera Italia’s microcement?

The top 5 + 1 reasons:

  1. Micro cement by Impera Italia is a perfect alternative to polished concrete, and you can apply it on existing surfaces, walls, floors, worktops or bathrooms.
  2. It can create a completely smooth surface or even fine texture, enabling a great range of finishes, from traditional to modern, suitable for any taste and design.
  3. Every Impera Italia microcement kit comes in a hand-formulated, time tested colour that will not fade.
  4. Once our microcement systems are adequately protected, flexible, and water can not penetrate. These features make it the perfect solution for renovation; you can apply it on existing tiles, a countertop, solid concrete, furniture or any solid surface in wet areas.
  5. When appropriately applied, microcement offers easy maintenance and will last for decades with no need for future repairs or replacements.

+1 If you need to repair our microcement, you can do it cost-effectively on every surface, countertops, walls or floors with only a small amount of plaster and protector.

microcement floor and wall_pack
microcement floor and wall_pack


Microcement is waterproof and durable, but it needs to be applied correctly to achieve its complete waterproofing properties.

The microcement is applied in several layers, with the addition of a sealant, to achieve that it is fully waterproof and sealed.

Microcement is not as hard as polished concrete and other materials but is more flexible than almost any other. If you have microcement in your home or office space, you need to be careful about how heavy your furniture is when moving it, and you should plan installation accordingly if you expect high traffic.

If microcement does need to be repaired, it can be done cost-effectively on walls or floors with only a tiny amount of micro cement and microcement protector.

The Impera Italia microcement is a waterproof, durable and versatile solution that works well.

Find all our microcement kits in our webshop or get in touch for more information or professional advice!

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