Undoubtedly the most profound in the entire spectrum, this extraordinary colour expresses a celestial wealth of meanings and emotions.

As such, it’s the primary choice for so many of our customers at Impera Italia to explore. Back in the Millennium year, cerulean was declared by Pantone to be the colour of the future.

From sapphire to turquoise to cobalt, the history of blue conveys immense excitement and respect for its value.   It’s been claimed that this unique colour was once impossible for human beings to see, being absent from depictions of the Greek rainbow.  But. it emerged firstly in ancient Egypt as a synthetic composite made of ground limestone, sand and malachite – initially reserved for the artifacts of the Pharaonic elites and to decorate tombs.  Later on, attempts to develop a pigment from the rare gemstone lapis lazuli, found only in Afghan territory, eventually succeeded.

One of the predominant uses of blue during this early period was for religious paintings especially Buddhist ikons which gave it further status.  After that, it was incorporated in Chinese porcelain and ceramics, becoming the height of fashion for those who could afford it, since like all cutting edge products it was extremely costly.  The famous blue of Wedgewood pottery took 3000 attempts to perfect.  Among the commissioned artists of Medieval Europe, a number of paintings remained unfinished due to its prohibitive cost.

Even BLUE cheese was considered a great delicacy 😊 discovered in 7th century France when cheese was stored in caves and contaminated by harmless moulds… Why do we adore blue ???

 BLUE has the natural feel of watery environments which are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  Most of us are drawn magnetically to water in all its various different forms.   It helps to dissolve the psychological limits so often imposed on us – or at times self-inflicted!   We instinctively drink, shower, and swim as positive actions.  The sea reflects the sky and so merges the impact of these media. Sensational!

Bathrooms/pool areas are inevitably decorated in blue to simulate this and to maximize our experience.  Just so, many of the Greek islands use brilliant blue with white to emphasize the purity of the Mediterranean environment.

The Moroccan mountain city of Chefchaouen is famous for its blue facades throughout.  It’s likely that these have a super calming effect for those climbing at high altitude.

BLUE  also signals stability, security and confidence in a world which is full of unpredictable developments.  And it’s used for many uniforms, to designate authority.

 If you are coming to Impera Italia with commercial properties to freshen up, this may offer inspiration …

Ultimately, blue is the colour that conquers, mesmerizes, and uplifts, and there are many hybrids to suit individual taste. It is loved and admired by men, women, and young children alike; used in eye makeup with Celtic origins and is capable of seducing the most insensitive.

Of course, as blue descends into its darker expressions, it’s associated – in the sphere of music – with some degree of melancholy.  But it has absorbent nurturing qualities like that meditation offers.  For a bedroom, enveloping muted shades of blue may be just what is needed.  An exhibition in Oxford – where each room in a house focused on a different colour – had BLUE as the theme of the healing suite.  So it is confirmed as a therapeutic asset within the home.

As always, the colour surfaces of walls are affected by juxtaposition with adjacent colour areas and the entry of light into the room. For anyone looking to redecorate, introducing different shades of blue can greatly impact the overall feel of the house. Therefore, choosing the kind of colour scheme and finish we want to achieve is essential.

The colour blue has been traditionally associated with water, thus, as far as décor, the colour has found itself as the cornerstone of wet rooms. But this healing colour can offer so much more than that! Aside from the many different shades of blue available in our different product ranges, we also have plenty of different textures and finishes available. The most adventurous decorators can also DIY!

Which products do we recommend?

If you’re thinking about introducing different shades of blue in your home, with an eye-catching texture, our iridescent textured metallic paints will be the best choice for you. The Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma, specifically the colours Navy Blue, Emerald, Apatite and Lapis Lazuli can add an opulent – and blue – touch to your home!

For a smooth finish, our metallic paint Sioloc, in the colours Delphinus and Ara can offer a subtly elegant finish. If you’re familiar with Italian paint, and would be happy to introduce the blue hues in your home with a Venetian touch to them, our Tintoretto paint is the perfect choice. The Adda and Ombrone colours both offer something different, but they’re both perfect for splendid interiors!

What about the bathroom?

Of course, we can’t leave you without an option for wet room areas. Our waterproof Microcement has its own range of blue tones, from the more adventurous to classic options.

If this article inspired you to invest in some blue finishes, the  Chelsea, Kingston and Westminster colours can be the perfect addition to your home design, as their multifunctional use allows for use in bathrooms, kitchens and for flooring alike!

At Impera Italia our team can advise on the optimum choice and application for our wide range of products. Contact us at 0333 012 4396 or [email protected]. If possible, visit our Showroom in North-West London!