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About Microcement

Microcement was designed to be an affordable solution for the ship building industry in the late 1920s, but soon became the number one option to repair and redo industrial, commercial and domestic polished concrete and cement floors.

Micro cement is produced in Italy since the 1950's on an industrial scale and has been applied extensively in shops and homes all over the World.

Italian microcement -as offered by Impera Italia- is durable, easy to apply and comes in true colours. We pride ourselves on offering only the best microcement and Italian decorative finishes in the UK since 2010. Don't hesitate to visit us to see microcement samples in our North london showroom or contact our sales team if you need further technical advice!

Nowadays microcement is also called micro cement, micro topping, micro screed, waxed concrete and béton Ciré based on the country of origin, but they all represent the same, continuous, durable and beautiful finish.

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1. The complete thickness is only 2 to 3.5 mms.

2. Can be applied on almost any firm surface from wooden floors to tiles.

3. You won't see any lines or grouting (unless you specify / create a design that should present that).

4. With microcement you can create a great variety of designs, from smooth to textured and from matt to satin to gloss!

5. Our microcement can be applied on top of underfloor heating, in shower cubicles and is very easy to maintain.

6. Microcement is durable, easy to apply and affordable.




*Order minimum £300. Application via email, over the phone or online. Subject to approval by KLARNA

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History of Microcement

Advantages of Microcement

Microcement London

Microcement Bathroom

Microcement Floor

Microcement UK

Microcement Worktop

Microcement bathrooms by Impera Italia are not only completely waterproof, seamless and durable, but also beautiful. Our micro cement (also known as micro screed, polished cement, etc) floor kits and the floor & wall kits all include the sealer and sealant that will ensure that your bathroom retains it's beauty for many, many years.

Microcement for bathrooms will also provide an additional side benefit, mould and algae will not be able to attack it and stick to it and it will be easy to repair in case you hit or need to change a part. Please see our project images for full working microcement showers and micro cement bathrooms.

Microcement floors can be similar in look to polished concrete, but they can also be seamless, with no or little 'movement'. Impera Italia offers floors for not only domestic, but commercial projects where hardness, flexibility and durability are all important requirements.

Corners and skirting can be done with no grouting, generally no lines and connections will be seen on a microcement floor therefore these floors are not only beautiful, but also safe and usable. It's important to mention that although Microcement floors are easy to clean and maintain, but just as hard wood or marble they need to be looked after regularly.

Microcement is now available everywhere in the UK as the team of Impera Italia can generally ship within 24 hours after the order is with us. We've been supplying microcement to distant locations and also, our network of approved applicators is available UK-wide to deliver exceptional finishes.

Our microcement kits ensure easy application, few coats and a durable and stable finish, meeting the requirements of specifiers and specialists looking for microcement in the UK.

Microcement worktops are possible through our special kit: the included protector is not only harder but also heatproof to 196 degrees Celsius.. The kit was put together so it can be put on MDF or solid surfaces, it includes not only the microcement worktop protector, but the right base, mesh and primer.

Worktops made of microcement generally more skill than a standard finish therefore we strongly recommend taking one of our micro cement courses or getting in touch with us to find the right approved applicator.

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History of Microcement

Microcement London

Microcement Bathroom

Microcement Worktop

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Microcement is offered in London by Impera Italia since 2014 and we have supplied thousands of projects in and around London since then, with great success. All our microcement kits meet the highest standards and the varied tastes of Londoners as our microcement system can be applied with or without movement for a variety of seamless finishes.

Recently, due to the high demand we launched our approved applicator scheme to ensure that microcement projects in London not only get the highest quality materials, but also the best fitters. Our approved applicators and brand ambassadors ensure that every London project is carried out in a workmanlike manner and the details are as they have been envisioned. Don't hesitate to leave your details with us if you'd like to discuss a project!