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    Pavan ANIMA trowel

    ANIMA Trowel by Pavan

    Stainless steel finishing trowel for Venetian plaster and Microcement

    £89.00 View
    Sale San Marco Venetian plastering trowel

    San Marco Venetian Plastering Trowel

    Affordable trowel for Italian decorative finishes

    £18.00 £13.10 inc. Vat £15.72 View
    844 gold of venice polished plaster trowel

    Gold Of Venice Polished Plaster Trowel

    Stainless steel finishing trowel for Venetian plaster

    FROM £35.20 View
    Venetian plastering tool kit

    Venetian Plaster Tool Kit

    Essential Tool Set for Polished Plaster

    £188.00 inc. Vat £225.60 View
    310NLC Come Mini trowel


    Venetian plastering trowel for hard to reach areas

    £16.50 inc. Vat £19.80 View
    310R Come Rhombus trowel

    Rhombus Trowel

    Plastering trowel for easier application in difficult areas

    £20.80 inc. Vat £24.96 View

    Wooden Handle Marmorino Trowel

    High-quality trowel for Italian decorative finishes

    FROM £21.60 View

    Reinforced Plastic Trowel

    For renders, large-grain plasters and floors

    FROM £16.90 View
    Flexible Plastic Trowel

    Flexible Plastic Trowel 1mm

    For special finishes and fine coats

    FROM £17.40 View

    Texture Brush

    For Italian metallic paints and decorative plasters

    £11.90 inc. Vat £14.28 View
    Come Special Effect Rollers

    Special Effect Rollers

    For various animal skins

    £24.50 View

    Sponge Roller

    Special effect tool for Italian paints and plasters

    £16.90 inc. Vat £20.28 View

    Steel Mixing Blade

    For Venetian plasters, polished plaster and paints

    £10.95 inc. Vat £13.14 View

    Italian Special Effect Brush

    Semi-hard natural brushes for colour washes, metallic effects

    £12.60 inc. Vat £15.12 View

    Pad for Travertine and Pitted Effects

    Italian special effect tool for Venetian plasters

    £14.40 inc. Vat £17.28 View
    Natural Sponge Float

    Natural Sponge Float

    Special effect tool for plasters and paints

    £14.70 inc. Vat £17.64 View