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Lime paint for Interiors




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Calce is an eco-friendly mineral-based lime paint or lime wash for interiors. This natural paint has a high level of breathability and due to its alkalinity is a natural anti-mould (also anti-algae) finish. This lime wash has an amazing covering capacity and coverage is extremely easy to colour.

Beside using it as a natural, environment friendly finish you can create shades and effects resembling traditional lime-plastered walls.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Calce, just as most lime paints needs to cure to achieve it’s complete opacity.



Limewashes have free vapour permeability when applied correctly making them the ideal finish for old or damp walls.


Tool: roller, brush or spray gun
Number of coats: at least 2
Thinning: first coat at 15-30% with water; subsequent coats at 15-20%.
Coverage: 6-8 sqm/litre per coat on smooth surfaces with average absorption. It is advisable to determine the actual spreading rate by performing a preliminary test on the specific surface.

Please view the documents below for more information on Calce.