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Concrete Look plastering course



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Venetian Plaster



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Concrete Look Plastering Course Overview

Our Concrete Look plastering course in London will teach you how to create trendy, contemporary finishes using the concrete and stone effect.

In this course, you will be working with a range of Venetian plasters:

  • Traverto will enable you to create a stunning stone effect with a single coat application.
  • Concret Art is a modern acrylic plaster for exteriors and interiors that has great flexibility for creating various concrete style finishes.
  • Lime Concrete, is a powdered plaster which is an excellent way to create concrete effects and textures whilst keeping the cost down, and is presented in a beautiful natural warm grey colour.

You will also have the chance to work with our latest product, Concrete Paint! This is an easy-to-pick-up, eco-friendly material that comes in powder form and thanks to the clever use of both smooth and textured primers can show off a variety of different styles.

The Concrete Look Plastering course is led by our Italian-trained, Master applicator, with many years and thousands of square metres of experience under his belt who will not only answer all your questions but also make sure you will leave with the skills needed to create stunning feature walls and ceilings!

Our Concrete Look Plastering courses come complete with a complimentary lunch each day at a local Italian restaurant that serves homemade English and Italian dishes.

If you book this course you’re also eligible for a 15% discount (except on tools) on the day of the course, when bought in person.


Who Should Attend Our Concrete Look Plastering Course

We can recommend the Concrete Look Plastering course if you’re looking to work with various materials. If you would like to leave with a skill set that equips you to work in this industry or just would like to create wonderful concrete effects on your walls, don’t hesitate to book this course!


What should you bring?

Please ensure you bring along protective clothing and gloves as this is a hands-on course.


Entry Requirements

This is a Lvl – 1 Venetian plastering course offered by Impera Italia and although no prior knowledge of Venetian plastering is required, it is highly beneficial to already have some familiarity with Italian decorative materials. Some sections of this course will be easier than others as you will be working with both these plasters but also with paints.



On completion of the Concrete Look plastering course, you will receive the following:

  • Impera Italia Course Certificate
  • Marketing material for your future clients
  • Most popular Venetian Plaster finishes sample boards, size 600x400mm
  • Sample of various types of Venetian plaster, metallic paints, waxes
  • Venetian Plastering trowel (200×80mm)
  • Impera Italia trainee discount code
  • Access to Impera Italia Cooperation Gate for future projecs (Impera Showroom use)
  • Access to Impera Italia technical support
  • Invaluable know how, tips, skills, and confidence



The course starts at 9 am and finishes at 4 pm. The following 5 key areas will be covered:

A. Finishes

Traverto Stone-Look Effect plaster
Concret Art Exterior Concrete Look plaster
Lime Concrete Concrete Look like plaster
Concrete Paint Concrete Look eco paint


B. Other products

Atomo surface stabilizer
Primer smooth and textured
Protectors sealers and sealants


C. Repairs, Surface Preparation and After-care

How to handle and repair accidental damage

How to properly assess, prepare any substrate for Venetian plastering

How to calculate Venetian Plaster material

How to re-seal or re-protect a surface

How to change the effect/look

How to deal with small or large projects

How to deal with wet room applications

How to deal with fundamental or superficial cracks

How to deal with preparation work, Anti-crack and corners

How to modify the effect/look on site

How to wet room applications (bathrooms, shower cubicles, etc.)

How to maintain and clean Venetian Plaster

‘What can go wrong’


D. Tools
You will be familiar with the selection and maintenance of Venetian plastering tools.


E. Working with Colours and Colouring

We will explain and show the differences between manual and industrial colouring, colour resistance and colourability of various plasters.


Q: Why is your Venetian plastering method and course different from what other providers offer?

A: Impera Italia identified the key features and qualities of various seamless Venetian finishes to establish standards and developed a unique and effective method to teach the application of traditional and contemporary effects. We teach and approve only the highest quality hand-made Venetian plaster finishes and we offer the first-course system focusing solely on how to achieve consistent and high-quality effects with Italian decorative products.

Our method is based on the analysis of more than 50.000 msq of Venetian plaster feature walls and over a hundred thousand working hours and experience, but to ensure that we constantly keep up-to-date with the market trends, we also consulted a number of architects and designers all over the world to have a thorough understanding of the past and future of this applied art, from the specifier’s side.

Finally, the instructors of Impera Italia are all well-known and experienced applicators who applied thousands of square metres and are familiar with all basic and advanced techniques. We believe that only applicators who are committed to constant development and continue to meet clients’ requirements can teach the next generation of master applicators and quality tradesmen.


Q: Do you teach on walls?

A: Yes! Our new state of the art training centre is equipped with large practising walls, which allows our trainees to get a head start on the market. There are also internal/external corners to ensure you have all the skills necessary to be able to complete jobs as soon as the course is over!


Q: How can I become an approved Venetian plaster applicator?

A: To be an approved applicator, you need to take the exam needed for level 1, 2 or 3 mastery. To book the exam, you need to collect courses in value of 20 credits for each level and create a feature of at least 10/50/100 msq of size, depending on the level of mastery. The decor has to meet the standards shown and taught by Impera Italia and pictures presented as proof will be added to the feature library after they’re approved.

As an Impera Italia™ Approved Applicator you will be added to our list of approved applicators in your area, with every other benefit which comes with it (signature series products, samples, charts, master and special courses, etc.).


Q: Why don’t you cover more Venetian plaster finishes? I’ve seen others teaching a dozen or more!

A: The number of finishes was established based on our experience, feedback from our students and -most importantly- the current market requirements. Our aim is to train skilled applicators, who fundamentally understand the application of various materials and are able to absorb all the information provided during the course. We believe that courses should not incorporate dozens of finishes based on commercial considerations which most people will never use and we also don’t want to bind them to one type of finish.


Q: I’ve seen an interesting finish on your site. Would it be possible to add it to the list of finishes that I would learn?

A: Yes, it’s possible. Please contact us to discuss the details.


Q: Do you offer on-site training?

A: Yes, we have a training package developed for trade clients who would like to teach their team at our premises. Please contact us for further details!