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Concrete Paint

lime based concrete effect paint




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Concrete Paint

Impera Italia is launching its very own lime-based Concrete effect natural paint. This Concrete style paint ( also known as Cement effect paint, Faux concrete paint effect or Concrete wall effect paint)  is an easy-to-apply solution for a contemporary look. It is a decorative lime paint developed for interiors that can be applied in two coats. Concrete Paint comes in a light grey base which will enable you to create a concrete imitation.

If you want to achieve a smooth concrete look, you should first apply Universal Primer. Alternatively, if you would rather create a Concrete effect paint texture, you should be using Unifix Primer.

Please remember that if you want to apply Concrete Paint on a dusty, chalky or high-porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before Concrete Paint) This will help to consolidate the surface!

Concrete Paint should be applied using a Medium or Long Pile Roller.

If you want to protect your Concrete paint, you can apply Decorfilm (Matt, or Gloss).

Please note that we have done our best to make sure that our “colour selection” preview shows the products as accurately as possible, but please be aware that the actual colour may vary from the one seen on your monitor. We strongly recommend sampling the product first to make sure the colour is to your liking!


What is included?

1.5KG of Concrete Paint

0.5KG of Unifix primer


How to Apply Concrete Paint

Make sure that the surface is completely smooth, and that there are no imperfections. Also make sure there are no chemicals on the surface such as oil, stains, or grease, these must be removed.

It is important to ensure that you apply the correct type of primer depending on the type of application you are trying to achieve. Unifix primer is gritty and therefore ideal for creating textured surfaces, whilst Universal primer is smooth. Either one of these should be done beforehand to give the surface the best possible adhesion for the application of Concrete Paint.

Prepare the desired amount of powder, ensuring to maintain the correct mixing ratio. Once prepared, please leave the mixture to rest for 5-10 mins before beginning the application.

Apply Concrete Paint by roller, using irregular movements to avoid repetitive patterns. The first coat can take 1 to 2 hours to dry. Once the second coat is applied 

Concrete Paint should be applied using our Medium Pile Roller. The application should be carried out with an ambient temperature between 5° to 35°C. Apply one or more coats depending on the effect you would like to achieve. After applying wait a bit to flatten it down with a spatula (150mm recommended). Professionals can choose to use a Venetian plastering trowel.

You can use the Vinyl Smoother to flatten and smooth down our Concrete paint.


Concrete Paint Sample Pot

Impera Italia is introducing a new size for the Concrete Paint sample pot (0.5KG), please note that the primer is not included with the sample pot. With the Concrete Paint sample pot you will be able to cover cca 1.7 sqm.


Impera Italia’s Advice™


Tool: Medium or long pile roller, mixing blade or small drill with a paddle, spatula (150mm recommended), Vinyl smoother
Number of coats:  2 coats
Dilution: For every 6 parts of concrete paint powder, add 5 parts of water. In a 1.5Kg measurement, add 1.25L of water.
Workability: Due to the hydraulic binders in the material, once mixed with water, our concrete look paint will begin to harden. The Concrete paint's best workability is achieved in the first 120 mins. We recommend only mixing the amount that is to be used during this time.
Coverage: 1.5kg per 5sqm on two coats.
Storage: Between +5 and +35C

Please view the documents below for more information on Concrete Paint.