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Fibreglass Mesh

For Venetian plasters, resins, microcements and metallic effects



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This 168 gramm per square metre fibre glass mesh is part of the Impera Italia anti-crack system you should use to ensure that the Venetian plaster (Italian plaster, marble plaster, polished plaster, Lucidato, Marmorino, Travertino, Stucco lustro, Stucco Lucido), microcement (micro cemento, beton cire, micro screed), resins (resina, epoxy resins, etc) and metallic finishes won’t be affected by subsidence or any thermal and mechanical movement.

Our fibreglass mesh is generally combined with our flexible anti-crack plaster Colbeton. You should apply a coat of Colbeton, embed the mesh then apply another coat of this anti-crack plaster on top to achieve a really consistent and durable base.

This product has been certified according BS EN 13914-2 “Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering. Internal plastering” and BS EN 13914-1 “Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering. External rendering” and can be used for the reinforcement of external and internal plaster layers of cement, lime, other inorganic binders and polymer modified binders for exteriors and interiors.

Manufactured in the European Union and rigorously re-tested every 12 months this fibre glass mesh ensures that your walls, ceilings and floor will be as lasting and resistant as possible.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Before applying smooth coatings on an anti-crack coating (like our mesh combined with Colbeton), please make sure to apply a coat of a finer plaster like our Marmorino Fino to ensure that the large grain doesn’t show through and you don’t waste a lot of the smooth plaster or paint.



Fibreglass meshes are actually composite materials, consisting of plastic reinforced by glass fibres.




Weight: 168 gramms per square metre Lenght: 1m to 50m (Roll) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that an anti-crack system or a mesh does not ensure that the finish won't crack if the stud work and the substrate hasn't been prepared and specified according the possible thermal and mechanical movement and any subsidence hasn't been addressed!

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