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Marble Finish Course Overview

During the Marble Finish course in our London training centre, you will learn how to apply Venetian plasters or polished plasters to create a genuine, marble-like and veined look. We will show you how to use the best marble plaster for this purpose, our Luciano, to decorate walls and ceilings, combining a vast range of colours.

The Marble finish course is led by our Master applicator trained in Italy, with many years and thousands of square meters of experience, who will demonstrate the techniques and will make sure that you can do them yourself. We recommend this training for you if you are already familiar with the basic applications and methods.

There will be a brief explanation of the surface preparation, to ensure you have the right look and can achieve a durable finish. We will also show you the best method to protect these fantastic finishes!


Additional Course Perks

The Marble Plastering course comes with a complimentary lunch each day at a local Italian restaurant that serves homemade Italian and English dishes. As part of this course, you’re also eligible for a 15% discount on all materials purchased on the day (except tools, 5 % discount), including our Venetian plaster starter pack, and Venetian Plastering Tool Kit


Who Should Attend Our Marble Finish Course

We can recommend this course to you if you are already an experienced Venetian plasterer or decorative artist. You would need to have the right trowel skills and an eye for detail if you’d like to imitate real marble with polished plasters. Don’t worry, we will build on your knowledge and make sure you get to a stage where you can confidently do these finishes yourself!


What should you bring?

Please bring with you protective clothing or clothes you can spare, and gloves as this is a hands-on course.


Entry Requirements

This Marble Plastering course does explore or teach the basics of Venetian Polished Plastering (if you miss this, book our 3-day Venetian Plastering course). This course focuses on a very specific, highly sophisticated finish, therefore, some prior Venetian Polished Plaster experience is needed.



On completion of the Marble Finish course, you will receive the following:

  • Impera Italia Course Certificate
  • Marketing material for your future clients
  • Most popular Venetian Plaster finishes sample boards, size 600x400mm
  • Sample of various types of Venetian plaster, metallic paints, waxes
  • Venetian Plastering trowel (200×80mm)
  • Impera Italia trainee discount code
  • Access to Impera Italia Cooperation Gate for future projects (Impera Showroom use)
  • Access to Impera Italia technical support
  • Invaluable know-how, tips, skills, and confidence


Course Details

The course starts at 9 am and finishes at 4 pm. The following 4 key areas will be covered:

A. Finish

Luciano High-Gloss Acrylic polished plaster


B. Other products

Atomo surface stabilizer
Primer smooth and textured
Protectors sealers and sealants


C. Repairs, Surface Preparation and After-care

How to handle and repair accidental damage

How to properly assess, and prepare any substrate for Venetian plastering

How to calculate Venetian Plaster material

How to re-seal or re-protect a surface

How to change the effect/look

How to deal with small or large projects

How to deal with wet room applications

How to deal with fundamental or superficial cracks

How to deal with preparation work, Anti-crack and corners

How to modify the effect/look on site

How to wet room applications (bathrooms, shower cubicles, etc.)

How to maintain and clean Venetian Plaster

‘What can go wrong’


D. Tools

You will become familiar with the selection and maintenance of Venetian plastering tools.


E. Working with Colours and Colouring

We will explain and show the differences between manual and industrial colouring, colour resistance.