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Muriplast Thin Coat Render

This acrylic thin coat render, Muriplast enables you or your team to create a durable, self-cleaning decorative finish on exterior and interior surfaces. This water-based render is made of carefully selected quartz grains dispersed in resins.

Muriplast has great coverage and you can apply it easily and quickly over large areas. This acrylic thin coat render needs almost no maintenance, you only need to clean it with a pressure washer (power jet) to bring back the original colour and appearance!

Muriplast should be applied on Primer Top or Colbeton, an anti-crack coating.

Furthermore, you can apply Muriplast on a great range of substrates, like cement-based renders, lime plasters, fair-faced concrete or external wall insulation systems – almost any surface that is smooth enough to accept a thin render coating. You can even apply it on boards or gypsum plaster inside. Finally, out of all render types acrylic thin coat renders feature the deepest colours and the best colour resistance so you can specify almost any colour outside of our standard selection and can be sure that it can be matched and will last!


Advantages of our acrylic thin coat render:

  • You don’t need to paint it
  • Needs very little maintenance and cleaning as it’s ‘self-cleaning’
  • It’s the ideal product for demanding weather conditions (seaside, strong wind or rain, etc)
  • It’s lightweight
  • You can apply it easily and quickly
  • Comes in a great variety of colours and we can even match colours
  • It’s ready mixed, you just need to open the bucket and start to apply it
  • Once it’s completely dry it will be resistant to micro-cracks


Impera Italia’s Advice™

With an acrylic fibreglass mesh and a base coat like our Colbeton you can significantly enhance the resistance of this thin coat render.



Applying renders is as old as building shelters and started with applying thick lime renders on wooden, brick or stone structures. Thin coat acrylic and silicate renders were formulated in the 20th century to create water and weatherproof coatings that last.



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Tool: stainless steel or plastic trowel
Number of coats: at least 2
Thinning: ready to be used
Coverage: around 0.5 sqm per KG

Please view the documents below for more information on Muriplast.