Roxidan Perla

Paint with oxidized metallic look

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Eco Friendly
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Roxidan Perla is a water-based decorative finish that can create an oxidized or ‘corten steel’-like effect on top of various substrates. It’s metallic pigments enable the applicator to apply a full coat of rusty metallic finish or as a semi-transparent effect only.

The distinctiveness of the look makes it one of the premier contemporary finishes of 2016/17.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

To achieve the best look with Roxidan perla, a fibrous or large(r) grain decorative plaster should be used on at least 2 coats. Also, a combination of more colours produces a much more lively, natural effect!



Corten steel, also called weathering steel is a weather resistant alloy widely used for interior and exterior decor worldwide. Some of the most famous examples are the The Centre for Contemporary Art, in Melbourne, Australia and the The Angel of the North in the UK.



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Tool: brush, sponge, roller or sprayer
Dilution: ready to use
Number of coats: 1 or more, depending on the effect
Coverage: 8-10 msq (90 to 110 square feet) per litre (or even more if it acts as an effedoesn't cover the complete surface)

Please view the documents below for more information on Roxidan Perla.