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Colour Wash for Italian Plasters




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Samba is a colour wash for exteriors and interiors with a siloxane base that has an increased durability and great coverage. It can create numerous effects like that of marble veins or even an aged stone or a stained, contemporary surface on almost any type of plaster, especially Venetian plasters (like our Marmorino Fino or Travertino). This colour wash can also be used to enhance the colour depth of a plaster.

Due to it’s eco-friendliness Samba can be used for restorations and listed buildings.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Use only a little at a time to experiment with it; mix it with almost the same amount of water and you can start the application!



The difference between Italian colour washes and glazes or emulsions is the opacity, eco-friendly nature and durability – all of them are in favour of an Italian ‘Velatura’ like Samba.



Toolsponge or brush
Number of coats: 1+ coats
Thinning: at least 30% with water
Coverage: 15-20 msq per litre

Please view the documents below for more information on Samba.