Stucco Veneziano

Acrylic Italian polished plaster

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‘Stucco Veneziano’ is a contemporary, acrylic Italian polished plaster, which-when applied on at least 2 smooth coats and burnished-can create a high-gloss, marble-like finish.

The advanced acrylic formula endows this polished plaster with enhanced durability and flexibility. This Stucco has one of the most extensive colour selection in the industry – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to specify an NCS or RAL, Dulux or Farrow and Ball colour.

This polished plaster is one of the most technically advanced, easy-to-use and durable polished Venetian plasters on the market.



In order to use Stucco Veneziano you must apply Universal primer. Once the finish has been completed, you should protect the plaster using Impera Wax.  The correct tool for Stucco Veneziano is a Venetian plastering trowel.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Due to it’s slower drying time Stucco Veneziano is highly suitable for multi-colour polished Venetian plaster finishes and when detailed effects are required (meaning it’s a great product for artists).



‘Stucco Veneziano’ means Venetian plaster and is a general term that describes plasters with fine marble dust.



Impera Italia offers colour matches for almost all products


Tool: stainless steel trowel, spatula
Number of coats: 3 (2 base coats + 1 finishing coat)
Dilution: Ready to be used
Coverage: 1-1.4 KG per sqm on plaster
Drying times: touch dry from 3 hours, coatable from 6 hours (based on humidity, temperature, etc)