COLOUR and its Impact in Décor Projects

As we stand on the precipice of 2023, have you ever – for instance - wondered what it is like to be colour blind?


Whether we have any beliefs about the influence of colour on our psyche or not … modern neuropsychologists have been researching extensively into the various effects of colours on the human mind and emotions.  In fact, this is a real science known from ancient Greek times and in Asia.  Colour healing was a recognised therapy, and later came to public notice in outer Europe through the Persian philosopher Avicenna.

The RAINBOW is a symbol of unity in diversity within our multidimensional life – in recent years adopted by the LGBT movement.  Individually we relate to different colours more than others.  We choose the colours we prefer to wear, which change according to the mood of the day and occasion.  They affect the way we feel and perform socially.  The world of fast fashion is of course geared entirely to this.

Just so for our living environment: we may not change the colour scheme as often as desired.  Commercial paints have developed due to the recognition of this factor in our lives.  It’s true that the classical look may have a long-lasting appeal, but the availability of interesting colours for walls and woodwork has enabled us to become more playful.  We can be more indulgent in our tastes and edit our mood patterns.

Colour variation allows us to enjoy enhanced control of our living spaces, create a more sympathetic environment and to present our personalities to visitors.   It can improve our overall wellbeing tremendously.  We should therefore focus on it and take this matter seriously!  

The primary colours are like emotional building blocks.  

We are familiar with the basic red, blue, yellow and green. The toy market for infants is overflowing with them.  The rainbow includes violet and indigo, considered as a higher vibration of light energy.

Let’s investigate …

If you are not aphantasic, you will be able to see colours when you close your eyes, usually embodied in some shape. The majority of us have no trouble visualising.  The world progresses in parallel with our capacity for this.   And – it’s intimately connected with the power of colour.

We instinctively know what we feel comfortable with, or stimulated by.  Certain colours are very calming.  Prisons in Switzerland have used pink with success to pacify aggressive inmates.  So, the task in hand is to make this valuable thread of knowledge more conscious and to subsequently use it for the ongoing benefit of ourselves and our living companions.

Would you use red in your kitchen?   Probably not.  Too hot a colour.  Nor in your bathroom, I imagine 😊

Certain artists have adopted a colour and extracted the most from it.  Frida Kahlo used a strong celestial blue to paint her house.  Mexico has a lot of brightly coloured buildings !  But in the UK, we tend not to experiment very much.  With the current energy crisis, some households are starting to choose strategies to keep the bills down.  One of these is by attaching a layer of thermal board to the side of the house.   Their decision on colour  will either amplify the overall insulation process, or not.  A decade ago, synthetic roofing material for extensions here started to be manufactured in  cyan – which creates a Mediterranean, uplifting effect.

Some colours are POSITIVE and generate harmony.  Others linger in minor shades and definitely discourage the transformation of negative states of mind.  Each colour has octaves of expression, some muddier, some purer; some indicating a beautiful transparency.  Some colours are still invisible to our eyes, it’s been claimed.  Others appear in distant geographical areas, like ube in the Philippines, a brilliant variant of violet used in cuisine.

  • Beyond the 7-colour spectrum, we have pure white – which contains all of them (mysteriously) and black, Vantablack … claimed to be even more extraordinary.

We’ll be delighted to assist in realising your dreams!

Fortunately, our interiors are not subject to any controls in terms of colour application.  (Except by our nearest and dearest …😊)

Burano is the most colourful island of the Venetian lagoon
– fishermen could find their homes more easily returning in the fog, the story goes.  But there’s strict bureaucracy about the repainting of house facades … the colours are used in a precise order.

Our heritage business is based on Venice’s ancient cultural traditions of sustainable superior quality building, which spread through Italy and beyond in Renaissance times.

 At  IMPERA  ITALIA, we don’t just celebrate history but its colours as well!

Regardless of the environment you want to decorate, we make sure to cater to all kinds of different requests. We are happy to use our expertise to help you achieve the décor you imagined!

Whether you’re looking to decorate with a luxurious, smooth finish – which can be best achieved with our Sioloc, Sioloc Suede and Tintoretto products – or to add some interest to a feature wall using our textured paints, we are here to help!

To achieve a unique and textured look, we highly recommend our most popular ranges, Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma textured metallic paints, perfect for any feature or media wall, or even entire rooms! Luckily, it’s our most DIY-friendly paint!

As we love to introduce new variations that complement our already established range – to better cater to our clients – we developed a collection of new colours for our Microcement.  Aside from our standard neutral tones, now we are also able to offer a wide range of bold colours.

And what could represent the diversity of colours better than the very city our business is based?

Our Bright Colours range for Microcement is named after London Boroughs, showcasing an inspiring palette of colours that we feel best to represent the city.

If you feel inspired to introduce some bolder tones to your interiors, and in turn, to your life, our friendly team of experts will be more than happy to help you!

For the best experience, you can visit our London Showroom, alternatively, you can give us a call at 03330124396 or send your enquiry to [email protected].