What comes to mind when you think of this colour?

It’s less obvious what its significance may be – it has a kind of mystique, despite its luminous appearance.   But we can feel its obvious enthusiasm, its warm extrovert quality.  Oranges were once an exotic fruit in the UK – whereas now there’s a great variety of yummy citrus imports!

In the far East, orange has been adopted for centuries as the colour of dynamic transformation.  As a hybrid, it merges reds and yellows – together with their symbolism.

Various Buddhist sects have used this colour to dye their robes, using bright saffron from crocuses and the deeper turmeric root.  In Tibet, it is usually worn alongside dark red.  Traditional Hindus also favour orangey hues, while for us westerners this would take more effort, as we tend to associate orange more with FUN and entertainment or frivolity.  Adults here rarely wear orange.

It, therefore, represents a mix of the down-to-earth and the spiritual.  It was the rallying colour of the 2004-5 uprising in Ukraine.  It appears throughout Africa on flags signifying the fertile soil or savannah.  On the Bhutanese flag, it draws attention to their spiritual culture … Practically, it’s used in uniforms of different kinds, eg. Lifeguards, as being clearly visible.

In the medicinal context, orange can be used both as a rich source of vitamin C and for healing certain areas of the human body on an energetic level.

Its properties are quite remarkable.  So chromotherapy using the orange spectrum can help to rebalance and regenerate:- your digestive system, your bone structure, your brain cells and your vision, to name a sample.  If you have marigold walls in your environment, it will help with asthma.

Blood oranges from volcanic slopes are supposed to be the most nutritious, and the colour gradient descends from a rich mineral reddish to a soft rusty ochre.

Impera Italia provides a broad range of products using orange as a base tone.  These can be used individually or in combination to create a sympathetic environment for your favourite living spaces within the home.  Of all the colours, orange perhaps best embodies the values of HOME.  It is where we recuperate, ideally.  Sunset.  Baked beans 😊

Frank Sinatra had an orange fetish and decorated ALL of his houses, offices and even airline interiors with it. To me, that’s somewhat incredible … but with an artist’s eye and understanding, it’s possible to use this colour with ingenuity to create maximal beneficial effects. Let’s have some carrot cake, a cup of tea and deliberate!

Impera Italia offers a range of products in the orange spectrum, and we invite you to browse online for a quick look at our products. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in person for a better understanding of what this sometimes controversial colour can offer.

If you feel inspired to experiment with the countless positive effects this happy colour can offer, the Impera Italia team would be pleased to assist you in search of the perfect product.  This adventurous tone will no doubt complement your well-being.

Depending on personal taste, we cater to a wide range of demands. Whether you’d like to try something bolder or something classic.

For our daring decorators, the Isonzo or Arno shades of our Tintoretto paint – inspired by the Venetian plaster look – could be the perfect fit. If you consider yourself to be on the more experimental end of the spectrum, the bolder options are also available in a waterproof version, perfect for your kitchen and Wetroom area.

The Bright Colour range of our Microcement, known for its excellent quality, also has more adventurous options, the Hammersmith and Camden colours being the perfect examples for the orange-red hues.

Whilst we love to experiment ourselves, we can’t deny that sometimes it’s good to invest in classics instead. Our Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Chroma ranges offer slightly less provocative options, but with their iridescence and texture, will no doubt make sure your décor will not go unnoticed.

For the lightest hues of orange, our Sioloc and Sioloc Suede range offer the colour Cassiopeia and Antares, unveiling the most luxurious smooth finishes you can imagine.

Inspired by Italian heritage – for which the bold tints are a substantial part – Impera Italia is paving the way for luxury finishes embedded in colours!

Whichever product you choose, the Impera Italia team will be there to offer their expertise, in your journey towards a happy and aesthetically pleasing interiors.