What is Glam Décor, or Hollywood Regency Design and how to achieve it with metallic paint?

Whilst the most popular interior trends seem to be along the lines of minimal, rustic or shall we say scandinavian feel, some people prefer to stick to styles that have been around in western luxury interiors for some time now.

Whilst the most popular interior trends seem to be along the lines of minimal, rustic or shall we say scandinavian feel, some people prefer to stick to styles that have been around in western luxury interiors for some time now.

Glam décor was inspired by the Hollywood regency period, and it has proved to be a popular choice throughout the decades. Despite being known for its slightly over the top elements, based on the furnishing and the colour palettes used, it is still a rather ‘traditional’ sort of décor. At least it has some historical roots.

Achieving a glam home or office, without going too far can seem like a challenge, when there are so many mirrored, embellished and textured elements to choose from. It is a tough choice, especially when the items are all aesthetically pleasing. So how can we find the balance between all the options?

If you are interested in incorporating a bit of glam to your home, or are here to explore the possibilities, keep on reading for the tips we gathered through our experience with working on projects with private clients and designers alike!

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What is Glam Décor, or Hollywood Regency Design?

Opulence is at the front and centre for this type of interior design.

The style itself dates back to the 1930s period, which was also referred to as the Hollywood Regency period in the US. Obviously, the golden age of cinema. The Glam Décor therefore, is also referred to as Hollywood Regency design. It was originally created to bring more attention to the film sets; to make them more extravagant. It relies heavily on art deco for inspiration, as we see the characteristic patterns reflected throughout the different elements.

Modern glam interior design however, incorporates a bit of everything, from mid-century to contemporary items!

To put it simply, it is the exact opposite of casual. Glam décor is all about the rich, textured elements, mirrored surfaces and metallic accents. Let’s not forget the fur throws and rugs!

Whilst it is easy to get carried away, the Hollywood Regency style is also known to be elegant, above everything else, so it’s best to avoid the clashing details. And the overwhelming amount of glam.

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How can you achieve a glam interior design?

To start off, the base colour palette usually divides people, there are those who prefer a neutral base as opposed to those who want to incorporate bolder shades; jewel tones being the go-to example as those are the hues that tend to go best with the metallic accents.

If the pastels seem more appealing to you, then it’s best to play around with the textures. Starting from the walls, our textured metallic paints come in a wide range of neutral tones that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your furnishing and accessories.

When it comes to selecting the furniture, make sure to consider the kind of accessories you want to go for; if you want plenty of them, it’s best to avoid overly textured or embellished furniture. Or you can choose some statement coffee tables and chairs, and the job is pretty much complete!

The latter option is probably also a wise choice if you want to decorate your space opting for bolder tones.

As far as accessorising, opulent, metallic statement pieces are a must; glamorous chandeliers, big mirrors, marble and gold are welcome in every room. Of course, not just gold, but if you want to go for the original, art-deco inspired look, then it’s the best hue to incorporate on fabrics and accessories alike!

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Why are metallic paints a must?

Metallic paints on walls, be it smooth or textured, can complement the rest of the room in direct and indirect ways as well.

If you feel like you have enough furnishings and accessories, but something is still missing, it can be a great addition as a feature wall! It brings an additional elegant but still glam touch, without clashing with the rest of the décor or without being overwhelming.

On the other hand, if you’d rather bypass the wall paper but want something unique for your walls, you can opt for a neutral tone and even choose a bespoke finish!

It is also a great idea to match your furniture to the wall; if you apply the paint on the joinery as well, it will no doubt create a luxurious look, with a more cohesive feel to it


What is metallic paint?

A metallic paint doesn’t differ much from a regular emulsion paint when it comes to the composition of the base, or body. The density can differ, therefore the application technique is different to that of the emulsion paint, in a lot of cases.

But the metallicness of the product comes from an added product, called Mica powder.

Mica, or rather Micas, are a group of silicate minerals, known for their shimmery look. It is a popular component for different products in several different industries, from paints to cosmetics.

The size of the grain can differ between products, but regardless of the size, it will give a shimmery look to the paint, which applied on larger surfaces will create a metallic feel.The larger-sized grains can also help create a pearly, or glittery effect. This is usually referred to as a pearlescent finish.


What are the different types of metallic paints?

To not make things too complicated, we will only detail the metallic paints for walls (furniture in some cases!) At Impera Italia, we offer many different types of metallic paints, which all fall into two categories: smooth and textured.


Our most popular paints are the textured metallic paints, which also happen to be the easiest to DIY!

The Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma are all iridescent feature wall paints for indoors. As they are slightly textured, it’s easy to play around with the different finishes!

For a standard application, click here to watch the video! Whether you want a more diffused cloudy effect, or one with vertical/horizontal texture, it can all be achieved with a brush and a sponge!

If you want an ultra metallic look, go for a colour in the Gimcyn Chroma range. For an extra luxurious feel, check out Gimcyn Luxury with added glitter!

Click here for the catalogues!

Gimcyn metallic textured paint Impera Italia


For a semi-matt, smooth, velvety finish, Sioloc and Sioloc Suede both offer a wide range of neutral tones that are not just suitable for feature walls, but for entire rooms!

Sioloc is the best for an understated, elegant feel with a light shimmer whilst the Sioloc Suede, as the name states, gives you a semi-matt suede like look and feel.

It is the perfect option for those not wanting to commit to a wall-paper, but also want to add some interest to the walls.

Please find the Sioloc and Sioloc Suede catalogues here!



Inspired by the Venetian plaster look, the Tintoretto paint mimics the cloudy effect of the plaster, with smooth, velvety finish. It is the closest to a matt finish and the best option if you want your glam decor to have the most luxurious wall finish!

Click here to browse all the Tintoretto colours! If you are unsure which one to go for, order a colour chart here!



The newest addition to the Impera Italia metallic paints, is our smoothest product to date! The Infinity is available in a wide range of neutral colours, with a beautiful shimmery finish. As it has finest grains, it allows for great workability, and you can create countless beautiful bespoke finishes!

For a colour chart, please contact our showroom at 0333 012 4396 or [email protected]!

Different application techniques for Impera Italia metallic paints

As with a lot of our products, our metallic paints were also made to be applied with different finishes.That means a completely bespoke look, that either gives a more subtle or an embellished look.

The tools you need may differ for different paints.

For the textured paints, Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma, you will need a brush and a sponge.

  1. Make sure to apply the Gimcyn Primer with a roller, and wait until it’s completely dry.
  2. For a standard application with a cloudy effect click here.
  3. If you want to give the paint a waterfall-like effect, check out our Instagram for @House_of_holcroft’s application video!

For the smooth metallic paints, Sioloc, Sioloc Suede and Infinity you can either use a trowel, or a small pile roller.

  1. Make sure the surface is free of dust and dirt.
  2. Apply the primer with a short pile roller.


Application A – Sioloc (with irregular large pattern)

  • After the primer is dry, apply the first coat of paint with the edge of the trowel. Use long strokes, to create an irregular pattern.
  • Repeat for the second coat.

Application B – Infinity (with irregular busy pattern)

  • After the primer is dry, ensure a smooth application of the paint by trowel.
  • Before the first coat is dry, start applying the second coat using the flat part of the trowel, whilst compressing the paint, using irregular patterns.

 Application C – Infinity (with half circle pattern)

  • After the primer is dry, ensure a smooth application of the paint by trowel.
  • Apply the paint, creating a regular pattern of half circles.
  • Make sure to leave enough space so they don’t overlap, and the pattern can be clearly visible.
Metallic paints application

Where can you apply the Impera Italia metallic paints?

Using the suitable primer, depending on the kind of surface where you apply the paint to, our metallic paints can be applied on many different surfaces, including walls, doors, cupboards…etc. If you need some technical advice, don’t hesitate to contact our Team!

Make sure to use a primer that is adapted to the surface, whether it’s porous or non porous.

For any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us at 0333 012 4396 or email to [email protected]. Pop into our London Showroom in NW11, if you want to check out all our samples!