The 7 Top Trends to Upgrade Your Bathroom in 2023

When it comes to decorating our bathroom, we first and foremost think of the essential items that we need; showers, taps, toilets…etc. Depending on the size and layout of the bathroom, we may not even have the opportunity to think much further about it anyway.

When it comes to decorating our bathroom, we first and foremost think of the essential items that we need; showers, taps, toilets…etc. Depending on the size and layout of the bathroom, we may not even have the opportunity to think much further about it anyway.

However, as working from home became a new norm for many, during and after the pandemic, redecorating and optimising our personal space became a priority for many of us, as the time spent at home increased drastically. Bathroom décor also started to get more attention.

So far, we mostly associated a well-thought-out bathroom design with luxury hotels and high-end homes. But as the redecorating projects took over social media, we have seen that careful accessorising, smart storage and even semi-luxurious finishes can elevate any bathroom or even loo, regardless of its size.

For those who are looking for inspiration on how to upgrade their bathroom design in 2023, take a look at some of the top trends of the year!



Why is Bathroom Design So Important?

Though it often gets left behind when we think of decorating our home, we spend at least an hour or more in the bathroom each day. Therefore, what surrounds us in that time, will no doubt impact how we feel.

Whilst the practical considerations put a limit to our creativity to some level, with smart choices and a careful selection of different additions to the bathroom, we can still create a room that is not just useful, but feels great to be in!

Bathroom design therefore is important, because the room itself is a key part in our daily routine, and having well-designed space can make us feel better in the long run.



What Are the Top Interior Design Tips for Bathrooms in 2023?


1.   Natural Elements

As the standard designs tend to feel cold, choosing different ways to give a serene, cosy feel to a primarily utilitarian room is one of the most important things to consider.

Incorporating wooden elements, whether as stool or a floating shelf, bamboo, rattan and adding some plants or fresh flowers can go a long way in making your bathroom feel like an actual experience, rather than a purely functional space.

As Jessica Stull of Parker Interiors put it, on, “Incorporating exterior elements in the home with materials and organic features such as woods, concrete, plaster, rounded edges and earthy tones.” will definitely be a trend we can look forward to seeing in 2023.

If you are thinking about adding a semi-textured finish for a feature wall, we highly recommend looking at our Lime Eco. Adding a beautiful limewash can create a warm feeling, especially if combined with other natural elements, such as wooden furniture and accent pieces, or something very simple, like a jute rug.

The Lime Eco also boasts antifungal and antibacterial properties, and as it’s hypoallergenic, it’s the perfect solution for those looking for non-toxic products.

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Bathroom Decor

2.   Spa-like Bathrooms


Creating a spa-like experience seems to have become a priority for homeowners, as we became more aware of just how much time we spend in the bathroom, as it is part of our everyday rituals.

Looking for inspiration from bathrooms designed for luxury hotels and spas, and taking some key elements such as a freestanding bath can elevate our bathrooms to a resort level, and make everyday feel like a holiday.

If you want a luxurious shower, fit for a spa, then opting for a bespoke Microcement shower can be a perfect solution, as it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the space. It’s a subtle and elegant solution, especially if you want a statement bath or other fixtures to be the focal point. Our linear and round shower trays come in many different colours, that can further customise your minimalist shower!

Bathroom Design

3.   Textured Finishes


When designing a bathroom, no matter the style, we tend to prefer very light or mid-tones that will give an airy and calm feel to the room, without a clinical white theme.

Adding some interest, by combining different textures of similar tones can add an overall considered and cohesive look to your bathroom, making it feel like a key-part of your home design, rather than a simply utilitarian room.

A textured feature wall, in a natural-stone like hues can help bring the outside in – completing the natural elements mentioned above – without being too obvious and simply adding more plants.

Our lime-based plaster, Traverto, is one of the best options for a highly textured finish that can imitate natural stones. As it’s highly breathable, and can put up with a higher level of humidity. Of course, good ventilation is still essential. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the product in your project, give us a call at 0333 012 4396 or email to [email protected].

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4.   Gold Accents


Depending on how glamorous you want your bathroom to be, adding gold accents can be a great option.

Whether you opt for gold hardware, and/or add some gold accent pieces like picture frames, or bathroom accessories, it’s a simple way to elevate your design, without having to start from scratch.

If you are going in for a full redecoration though, you have the flexibility to add some key elements, such as light fixtures or shelves, that offer countless different options to incorporate some gold accents.

Glamorous bathroom

5.   Japandi Design Elements


Japandi Interiors is a fairly new concept in interior design that aims to blend the elements of Scandinavian and Japanese interiors.

If you want to read more about Japandi interior design, click here!

Japandi decor is known to embrace a minimalist approach, and a lot of neutral tones. The natural elements mentioned above are perfect for the Japandi look, especially the rattan or bamboo accessories, or wooden stools.

To complement the rest of your wall coverings, be it tiles or Microcement, it’s a great idea to add a modern, semi-textured finish to accent walls or the ceiling. Our Concrete Paint, a natural, lime-based paint that is one of our easiest products to apply!

The beautiful, neutral shades it’s available in are the perfect complement for the Japandi or the Scandinavian look!

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6.   Antiqued Brass Finishes


For those who prefer a more understated look, as opposed to the drama of the gold metallics, choosing an antiqued brass finish for the hardware, especially the taps and the lights is the best choice!

Brass finishes have been one of the biggest trends of the last few years in interior design, and according to experts at the, it is here to stay! It is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in the bathroom or even the kitchen, and if you like the natural, slightly rustic design, it is the best addition to the rest of your décor!

7.   Bespoke Vanity Tops and Splashbacks


Customising the top of your vanity units to match the wall, or splashback can add a luxurious feel to even the smallest bathrooms.

No matter the finish, the monochrome design, or colour drenching is the best way to ensure your bathroom will have a cohesive feel. Our Microcement Worktop Kit, boasts a wide range of neutral and muted tones that are perfect to be used on their own or as a base for different finishes, textures and smooth alike!

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If you need any advice on your upcoming project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0333 012 4396 or [email protected]! If you are London-based, pop into our Showroom to check the samples for all the products we offer!