6 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Hallway

We often hear that first impressions last. And as our entryways and hallways are the first thing people see upon entering our home, it’s good to consider what impression it leaves.


We often hear that first impressions last. And as our entryways and hallways are the first thing people see upon entering our home, it’s good to consider what impression it leaves.

Whilst there are endless options to decorate entryways that are spacious, it can feel limiting to think of a décor that is suitable, and of course practical, for smaller spaces. We can’t forget that for many people, the entryways are often considered first and foremost, from a practical point of view, as an extension of our storage space.

But incorporating smart solutions to hide some coats, and a few pairs of boots and trainers does not mean we can’t think of ways to elevate the design of our hallways and entryways!

Whether it is by adding a feature wall, smart accessorising or changing the console table to one with more storage, hiding clutter and adding strategic details, decorating our hallway can go a long way in giving the best first impression to our guests. What’s even more important, a nice entry makes the feeling of getting home even better!


If you want to get some inspiration on how to give your hallway a refresh by trying some simple tips, keep on reading!


1.  Statement Accessories


No matter the size of your hallway, adding a statement accessory like a beautiful chandelier, a painting or a large flower arrangement is the most simple way to make your hallway feel instantly more luxurious.

Depending on whether you’re going for a full redecoration, or you just want to refresh the space a bit, the options are endless.

In bigger spaces, it’s also good to add some extra furniture, or accessories so the rest of the space won’t feel empty. But both for small and large spaces, it’s great to have only one focal point, and build up from there!

Hallways design

1.  Feature Wall


Adding a feature wall is a solution that will not take more than a few hours, – especially with an easy DIY paint like Gimcyn – but it will give a dramatic transformation to your space, especially if you go for bolder colours like Emerald or Sapphire!

If you like the idea of a decorative metallic paint for walls, which you can also apply on cupboards for an opulent feel, check our selection of textured metallic paints, such as Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma!

For a smooth, pearlescent finish, check out Sioloc or Infinity feature wall paints!

A feature wall though can be made into anything though, depending on whether you want to add a more casual or formal feel to your home!

For anything formal, we recommend browsing our Polished Venetian Plasters, like Stucco Veneziano or Grassello di Calce. They are perfect for covering large areas, and making them feel much more expensive with a marble-like finish! We recommend Venetian Plasters with an acrylic base, for an ultra-glossy finish!

If you have something in mind for a specific finish, or artwork you’d like to have on your walls, call our Showroom at 0333 012 4396 or if you are London-based, pop in to see all our Samples. No appointment required!

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3.  Console Tables with Storage Space


For those who have plenty of storage in other parts of their home, going for a console table with ample storage space may not feel like a necessity. Though it all depends on just how much we have to store.

If you do need to consider your hallways and entryway as places to extend your storage, it’s an obvious choice to go for console tables that can help with that. Be it spacious drawers, or cupboards with intricate detailing, it’s the best way to hide clutter, and it can also serve as the statement piece of the room!


4.  Add More Light


Whilst opting for a large chandelier can take care of more than half of your décor, as well as the lighting in the room, if there is not enough space for it, or you don’t think it suits your home, several little lights can do the job just as well.

Adding discreet, but stylish wall lights, especially if you have some beautiful artwork you want to draw attention to, is a sure way to create a cohesive feel in the room. If you have a console table, you can also try adding some lamps!

House Hallway

5.  Bespoke Flooring


Flooring at the entryway a lot of the time differs from the rest of the house, primarily chosen for the practical consideration of being easy to clean.

But just because something is practical, that doesn’t mean there is no space to experiment with beautiful flooring. And no, it doesn’t have to mean tiles.

A modern concrete-like Microcement flooring, can be the perfect choice for those looking to opt for a unique solution that is practical, durable and fortunately, can be bespoke made with any colour, in any pattern!

Our standard colour range offers a wide selection of neutral, muted tones that are the easiest to incorporate into any style of interior design. For those who want a more statement colour to greet their guests, have a look at our Bright Colours Selection!

Whether you want a completely matt, or glossy finish that can be applied in a textured or smooth finish, Microcement is the easiest product to customise!


2.  Play With Colours


Rethinking the colour scheme of the hallway can be the ideal solution for many, especially in narrow spaces, where extra furniture is not an option.

Bold Tones

If you are thinking of adding some bold colours, and create a statement feature wall, it’s great to go for some darker tones, and create a strong contrast with the rest of your décor, this way any picture or accessory you put against the wall will be highlighted.

For a light pearlescent finish, the colour Ercole, from our new Infinity range is the most elegant option. The colour Regulus from the Sioloc range is great for those who want something with greater opacity! – wax – smooth , decorfilm – textured

When it comes to high-traffic areas though, such as the hallway, applying an extra coat on the wall to protect the finish, is key to ensure the long durability of the product.

If you’d prefer a high-gloss finish, check out our wide range of waxes or if you’d like an ultra modern matt finish, our Decorfilm (Opacco) is perfect for it!

Click here to check out our colour charts!




On the other hand, if you’d rather have muted tones in your hallway, we have a wide selection available, both from smooth and textured metallic paints!

Combining two, three different shades of the same colour in your space can create subtle interest without making the space feel too busy. It’s also great if you want to add some warmth, in case the entry or the hallway is otherwise empty, large space or if you don’t have windows to let the natural light in!

Bacco and Cupido from the Infinity range are a perfect match, and so are the colours Pollux and Sirius from the Sioloc range! These colours are great for a metallic and pearlescent finish.

If you’d prefer a semi-matt, velvety finish, we recommend the Sioloc Suede range; the colours Crater and Centaurus both can be great additions for a neutral hallway!

 For any questions and queries about our products or your next project, please contact our Showroom at 0333 012 4396 or [email protected]!

 For London-based clients, we recommend visiting in person, so you can check the samples and the different finishes for every product we offer!

 Pictures: pexels.com