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Gimcyn Chroma

Textured Iridescent Metallic paint for Feature Wall




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5qm (53 square feet) per Unit

Number of coats

One, after the Primer

Recommended Tools (sold separately)

Impera Italia Special Effect Brush and Tobacco Sponge

Colour accuracy disclaimer

Please note that although we make every possible effort to upload the best quality images of our colour range, due to the nature of Metallic paints, they are likely to look slightly different to real life. We cannot be held responsible for issues with colour accuracy if the colour was not previously sampled.

Drying Time

Touch dry in 60 mins, completely dry in 12 hours.


At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.


If you placed an order for 2KG of our Gimcyn Chroma Metallic paints or more, please note that to reduce packaging, our warehouse team where possible will combine the material into one larger bucket. Make sure to check the Gimcyn Chroma paint label, the weight of the bucket will be marked.

Colour Samples

If you placed an order for 2KG of our Gimcyn Metallic paints or more, please note that to reduce packaging, our warehouse team where possible, will combine the material into one larger bucket. Make sure to check the Gimcyn paint label, the weight of the bucket will be marked.

Refunds and Returns

Only 1 sample pot of each colour can be requested per order. Orders for multiple samples of the same colour will be cancelled due to excess demand and limited availability.

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Gimcyn Chroma

Gimcyn Chroma is an enhanced metallic paint derived from an aluminium base with pearly particles that creates a stunning textured wall finish with a beautiful luxurious sheen. Gimcyn Chroma is the ideal paint for those looking at intense metallic effects, with bold reflectiveness.

It is a cost-effective and easy-to-apply alternative to wallpapers and is seamless and hard-wearing. It can not only be applied in a variety of ways but it is also extremely easy to repair!

Gimcyn Chroma is ideal for domestic or commercial projects that need that ‘high-end’ touch. If you’d like to see other options to improve the look, why not try our Gimcyn Luxury!

Please remember that if you want to apply Gimcyn Chroma on a dusty, chalky or high porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before Gimcyn Chroma Primer). This will help to consolidate the surface!

To increase water repellency and wipeability we recommend applying 2 coats of Impera Matt.

If you’d like to see actual, hand-applied samples before buying this paint, click here to order a colour chart!

Every Gimcyn Chroma paint tub comes with the right amount of Gimcyn Chroma primer to cover 5 square metres.


What is included?  

1 kg of Gimcyn Chroma paint

1/2 L of primer


How to apply Gimcyn Chroma

  1. Check the wall is free from dust, and dirt and is as smooth as possible before starting. Correct any imperfections.
  2. Dilute the Gimcyn Chroma primer with water 30% of water (0,5 l of primer with 150ml water or 1l of primer with 300mls water) and apply it with a short pile or mohair roller.
  3. Wait a few hours (2 to 3) for the primer to get dry.
  4. Stir and apply a single coat of Gimcyn Chroma by brush, with a criss-cross technique.
  5. Leave as it is for a brushed effect or, after a few minutes of leaving the paint to dry, move the texture (grain) of the paint with a decor tobacco sponge to create a distressed look.
  6. Due to the drying time, create the effect in sections, roughly 0.25 sq meter (2-3 feet) at a time.
  7. The finish will be touch dry within 30 minutes and completely dry after 8 hours!

Gimcyn Chroma metallic textured paint sample pot 

The 50g metallic textured paint sample pot covers 0.25 msq (0.37 square feet) per Unit. This feature wall paint sample pot doesn’t come with the primer and is about 25 millilitres.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

For the best possible look put on a good amount of paint with a standard paint roller or brush and lightly spread it with a brush or a tobacco sponge.



Gimcyn means gem or precious stone in Anglo-Saxon.


Is this product waterproof? Can this product be applied in wet rooms or shower cubicles?
A: This product should not be applied on surfaces that can get in contact with water, it is meant to be a special indoor feature wall paint.


Q: Can you put Gimcyn Chroma over tiles?
A: Although technically (after priming the surface) it can be applied, it’s not recommended as the texture of the tiles won’t be covered.


Q: Can Gimcyn Chroma be applied on floors?
A: No, it’s not suitable for floors. You can use flooring products like our micro cement for this purpose.


Q: How durable is this paint? Is this paint scratchproof? Is it washable?
A: It’s very durable and very easy to repair but it is not washable, only wipe-able.


Q: How accurate are your colours?
A: Due to the iridescence it is difficult to scan or take a picture of metallic paints. We strongly recommend ordering a chart or the minimum size before placing a larger order.


Q: How resistant are the colours?
A: Gimcyn Chroma has excellent colour resistance.


Q: Do I really need a primer? 
A: Yes, you do. The correct amount of primer is included with every kg of paint.


Q: What do we have to do if one day we want to re-do the wall?
A: Sand and then prime the surface and it is ready for another coat of plaster or paint!


Q: Do I need a specialist to apply Gimcyn Chroma?
A: This product is suitable for any DIY, but we recommend using a professional decorator for artistic and/or multicoloured applications.


Q: How long does this paint remain usable?
A: When stored under the right circumstances, it will remain usable for at least a year.



Tool: brush and/or decor sponge
Number of coats: 1 (after the primer)
Dilution of Gimcyn Chroma paint: ready to use, no not dilute
Dilution of Gimcyn Chroma primer: dilute with 30% of water
Coverage of 1kg unit: cca 5 msq (53 square feet) per Unit
Coverage of 50ml unit: 0.025 msq (0.37 square feet) per Unit

Please view the documents below for more information on Gimcyn Chroma.