Impera Italia Special Effect Brush

Semi-hard natural brushes for metallic paints, lime paint and colour washes.

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For Feature Walls
For Feature Walls

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Impera Italia is introducing its Special Effect Brush, specifically designed for optimal performance with our range of metallic paints, including Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury, Gimcyn Chroma, Marcopolo, and Marcopolo Luxury.


This semi-hard natural brushes offer excellent control, ease of cleaning, and the ability to produce highly refined effects.


In addition to the mentioned applications, this brush can be used with most chalk paints and lime paints, such as our Lime Eco. Whether you’re working with metallic finishes, lime paints, or chalk paints, Impera Italia’s Special Effect Brush ensures precision and ease of use, allowing you to achieve sophisticated results.

Size: 100mm or 4 inches wide Material: Wood and Natural hair

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