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Patina Metallic Wax

Water-based synthetic metallic waxes


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With the Patina wax line, which are metallic and clear, water-based synthetic decorative waxes you can create a light pearlescence and refined metallic sheen on almost any surface. It will also protect your surface and can be towelled or applied by cloth.

Compared with other metallic waxes the Patina line is delicate and refined and has more fine iridescent particles than most other water-based waxes. Please be aware that we can’t guarantee or take responsibility for the appearance of metallic or iridescent waxes on various surfaces as these are artistic, semi-transparent effects.

You can even apply this wax on smooth plasters like our Luciano or Venetian to create a metallic polished plaster effect. If you’re looking for a stronger metallic effect for Marmorino or Travertino, take a look at our Lustre waxes!


Impera Italia’s Advice™

The thick liquid nature enables you to create a great number of applications and effects, but please bear in mind that decorative waxes should be applied as thin coats and buffed as soon as they dry! Otherwise the coat dries and can create a film that blurs the plaster or paint underneath.



Verdigris is the green, natural patina which appears when copper, brass or bronze is exposed to air or seawater for an extended period of time.


Tool: trowel, wool of cloth
Colour: varies (gold, silver, bronze or transparent)
Coverage: varies, up to 20 msq (215 square feet) per litre
Number of coats: 1 or more, depending on the effect
The looks shown are on black Marmorino and the look of the waxes will vary on different substrates.

Please view the documents below for more information on Patina Metallic Wax.