Why is Microcement an essential in modern homes?

Microcement, to put it simply, is the material that may be the answer to all your needs, when it comes to interiors. Especially for those, looking to achieve a flawless, modern, and minimalist look.

From Scandinavian/Nordic to a classic contemporary interior design, microcement is an incredibly versatile decorative coating that can be used pretty much everywhere within our home. But how did it gain such popularity in the last few years? What makes it a better option compared to tiles? And how can we make sure our aesthetic décor stands the test of time?

What is Microcement?

To answer that question in depth, we have a couple of wonderful articles about the product, which introduce you to the ins and outs of the material.

For an overall introduction to Microcement, click here. To read in depth about the technicalities of the product, click here.

To give a brief explanation to those who have not heard of it before, Microcement is a material that consists of several layers, from the base to the protector, and gives a concrete-like durable finish. These layers include cement, aggregate and resin. Pigments are added for the decorative layer. In case you’re planning to use the material in a wet room or kitchen, our Microcement kit also includes an anti-crack system, to give the material a superior durability.

It originated from the mid-century US, where it was developed for very-practical purposes on air-carriers. Due to its clean, minimalistic look, and the fact that it can be applied on virtually any surface, Microcement has gained a remarkable popularity with the rise of industrial chic and Scandinavian interiors.

Microcement Finish

Is Microcement expensive?

When you are looking for quality components that will give you a durable finish, it can seem expensive. However, given that you can apply it on tiles or any surface, without removing them, it saves you the cost of labour and time on that part. And of course, as it can serve as an excellent finish on countertops, there is no need to order the most expensive marble to match your sink! Microcement can be customised in many ways, to give you a bespoke look that is just like the décor you imagined!

And when it comes to minimalist bathrooms, less is more. Obviously.

So, when thinking of picking a shower cabin, you can rest easy knowing that a Microcement bathroom can look even better without one. For a clean, modern look you don’t need more than the shower and the drain! If you’d like to go the extra mile, and choose a special colour for the latter, check out our linear and round former trays with gullies!

Microcement Feature wall

Is it more complicated to install than tiles?

It’s hard to compare, because the two materials and the application process for both are completely different. However, when you trust trained professionals to do it, you don’t need to worry about the application.

As it consists of several layers, they need to be careful to get all the coats right. But with that said, cutting tiles to fit the surface that needs to be covered can also be a handful, depending on the size and structure of the bathroom.

Opting for Microcement therefore, is not in any way more complicated than tiles, in fact, it may save some time when it comes to sourcing other materials for your interiors.

Why is Microcement an essential?

In one word: versatility. On one hand, Microcement was developed to cover all types of different surfaces. And as it’s still relatively thin compared to a regular concrete coating, it’s a great option for walls and worktops as well. It is also suitable for ceilings!

On the other hand, it is a product that can be customised when it comes to colour and texture as well. As showcased in our London Showroom, Microcement can be applied in many ways, and we have plenty of earthy and modern tones available to choose from.

Therefore, regardless of the style of the interiors you are looking to create, Microcement can give the kind of versatility, tiles may not be able to, or it simply wouldn’t look right.

All in all, it will look great whether you’re looking to install it as a flooring, as a splashback and/or countertop but even if you decide to cover your whole bathroom in Microcement! You’d be surprised how many great ideas we have seen executed by our clients, and our ambassadors!


Is Microcement practical? What are the advantages compared to other materials?

Whilst there are some instructions you should not forget when cleaning, and some acidic products that should not come in contact with the material, Microcement is actually a lot more practical than most would think.

As it gives you the perfect excuse to overlook the installation of shower doors (or not, depending on the décor you are looking to create), that’s already one less thing to clean. And don’t you just hate how the dirt builds up overtime between tiles? You can say goodbye to that too! Let’s not forget the cracks in the grout that may lead to damage later on, by allowing humidity to penetrate between the tiles. With Microcement, you won’t need to worry about that.

The Microcement’s practicality also goes hand in hand with its versatility. As mentioned before, you don’t need to search high and low to source all the different materials for your home, when you have something, you can customise in any way you want to!

Would you prefer a gloss or a matt finish? Do you want something completely smooth or with a bit of texture, perhaps burnishing? If you can’t find the colour you like in our selection, we also offer a colour match service, so there’s no limit to achieving the interiors you imagined! In case you can’t make up your mind between different colours, unlike tiles, Microcement offers the flexibility of a multi-colour application. It also allows you to combine different textures.

As modern architecture advanced, so did the styles of residential homes, and architectural shapes used to achieve certain looks.  Whilst curvatures were present in properties before, the materials you could use for these surfaces were limited. Given the way Microcement is applied, it does not have the kind of rigidity tiles do, which allows for its use on surfaces with different shapes. From floor to ceiling, – shelves included – you can cover all surfaces with it.


What kind of interior styles can you create with Microcement?

The sky’s the limit! It’s the best material for those who love a modern minimalistic finish. If you like the Nordic or Scandinavian interiors, or feel inspired to go for an industrial chic décor, you don’t need to look any further than this. If you are ready to browse amongst the many colours, take a look at our Mood board sets, or pop into our London Showroom if you can!

If you feel more inclined to go with a more classic look, but with a contemporary touch, you can incorporate Microcement in different ways that complement the rest of the joinery and/or the taps and shower.

For kitchens, aside from being suitable for worktops, with our heat-resistant protector, it can also be great as a splashback; if you have a nice colour in mind, you can choose to opt for some burnishing to give some interest to the colour, and maybe a nice matt finish!

Just as a little recap, what are the main advantages of Microcement?

  • You can opt for a bespoke colour and finish
  • You can choose a multi-colour finish
  • You can apply it on different types of surfaces, regardless of shape or the material that is already there
  • You can also apply it on ceilings
  • You can say goodbye the grout cracking, and getting dirty between tiles
  • It gives a minimalistic, contemporary look

 Ready to discuss the details? This is where you should start!

At Impera Italia, we pride ourselves in our expertise, when it comes to Microcement! We are proud to be the No1 distributor of San Marco’s microcement, known for its superior quality. And manufactured in Italy!

If you are unsure of the colour and finish you’d like, visit our London Showroom or check out our Mood board sets, for the standard and the bright colours as well!

To make our clients’ and applicators’ life easier, aside from all the components you need for the installation, we offer full Microcement 10sqm kits, for walls, floor and walls and also worktops. These kits are incredibly practical, as you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything. And it comes at the fraction of the cost you’d pay if you were to purchase all components separately! Just let us know what colour and finish you’d like; we will take care of the rest!

For installation on commercial properties, please be sure to contact us, so we can have one of our technicians assess the suitability of the product, for the project.

If you are interested in learning about the product and its application in depth, check out our Microcement Class and the Masterclass as well!

Worried that you don’t know the right person to apply Microcement, or you have some questions about the material? Give us a call at 03330124396 or email [email protected], and our team of experts will be more than happy to help!