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Microcement Wall Kit 10 SQM

Concrete-look wall finish for 10 sqm




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Microcement Wall Kit

Our micro cement wall kit is a synergistic coating system that can create durable minimalist, raw-concrete effect feature walls.

Our micro cement finish is not only flexible, seamless, versatile, with a tactile finish but is also highly resistant to abrasion and staining. Micro cement coatings are ideal for interior walls in kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms and even in shower cubicles.

If you’re looking for a complete wall and floor system, please see our Microcement Floor and Wall Kit. This kit can also help you to address possible movement and cracks as the base coat and mesh creates a resilient, even more flexible coating. On the other hand, if you only need better-than-average durability, but not complete a completely watertight coating, then see our Beton Cire.

If you want to create a Metallic oxidised look to Microcement, you can use Roxidan.

If you’d like to test the quality of our microcement check out our Microcement Sample kit you will be able to cover roughly 0.5msq.


For more information about Microcement, please click here to access our FAQs.


Microcement Colours

The colours and the look can be tailored to suit any design; you can also select from 20 carefully selected contemporary colours from our “Colours of Britain” range which can be further modified to an almost infinite number of shades (for bespoke colours please call or email us).

The colours presented on our site are as close to the real ones as possible and show the look of the real finish, which is another distinctive advantage of our site and system.

For a complete list of numbers and respective names of microcement colours please click on the ‘Specifications and Application’ tab.

To see how surfaces decorated with microcement look, like, visit our dedicated design page!


Tools for Micro Cement

To achieve a compact polished concrete or cement look our micro cement should be applied by a plastic trowel (if you’d like to see little or no ‘movement’) or a Venetian plastering trowel. (for a compressed smooth polished concrete look that is more ‘dramatic’)

Our protectors, applied by roller, which come in satin or gloss ensure that you can enjoy this finish for many years to come. For the waxed concrete look finishes see our Beton Cire Kit with stunning finishes.

If you’d like to see all the micro cement colours in a pdf chart then please click on the link.


Why Choose Micro Cement

The conveniences of our micro cement wall system:

  • You will purchase from the most established UK retailer of Italian decorative specialist finishes, based in London.
  • You will have original, hand-applied, and durable wall and floor coating that lasts.
  • You’ll have a complete Microcement system for every 10 msq with colourants already added (no measuring is needed, colour accuracy is high), with a two-year shelf life.
  • You’ll use an approved Microcement system from the largest decorative products specialist producer in Italy
  • You can complete projects in only three to five days depending on which kit you purchase. (scope of works, preparation, complexity of work, and working place conditions can extend this time frame significantly)
  • You can apply it on top of underfloor heating (see more details in the manual), cover furniture, and create durable and waterproof bathroom finishes
  • You will have our technical support before and after purchase. Technical training can be also provided.
  • You can purchase only a 0.5msq kit for sampling or patching.

Finally, besides enhancing modern homes and business environments with microcement finishes you can also renovate existing surfaces like ceramic surfaces, porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural and reconstructed stone, and other coatings like epoxy or polyurethane resins, just to name a few.


The 10 msq wall kit includes the following products:

Atomo Primer for porous surfaces 1L
Continuo Deco Comp A Decorative Coat 15Kg
Continuo Deco Comp B Decorative Coat 5Kg
Continuo Link Comp A Sealer 0.1L
Continuo Link Comp B Sealer 0.05L
Continuo Top Comp A Resin 1.25L
Continuo Top Comp B Resin 0.375L

Please make sure to buy PRO LINK separately for non-absorbent surfaces (tiles, metal, glass) as it’s not part of the standard kit.

The table below will provide you with guidance to enable a simple and straightforward application:


How to Apply Micro Cement on Walls

Step Product Layer When? Tool Diluted / Mixed
0 Atomo or Pro Link Only one Create a bonding coat on porous OR non-absorptive surfaces Roller or brush Should be diluted 30%;
300 ml of water to 1L of Atomo. Pro Link doesn’t need to be diluted.
1 Continuo DECO* First of two 4-6 hours after step 0 Stainless steel or plastic trowel Component A mixed with B; cca 330g of B to 1Kg of A
2 Continuo DECO* Second of two At least 3 hours after step 1 Stainless steel or plastic trowel
 3  Continuo LINK Only one At least 12 hours after step 2 Roller Link A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B to 2 units of A mixed with 12 units of water. Eg. 100ml of A to 50ml of B with 600ml of water.
4  Continuo TOP+ First of two At least 6 hours after step 3 Roller Top A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B mixed with 3.3 units of A with cca 0.45 units of water. Eg. 1.25L of A mixed with 375ml of B with 163ml of water.
5 Continuo TOP+ Second of two At least 3 hours after step 4 Roller
Drillable 3-4 hours after step 5

*You can also colour the Continuo Deco coats with stainers. Please assess and address any possible thermal and mechanical movement before you start to apply micro cement on any surface.

How to Apply the TOP ART micro cement protector 

4  Continuo TOP ART Satin+ First of two At least 6 hours after step 3 Roller Top A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B mixed with 3.3 units of A with cca 0.45 units of water. Eg. 1.25L of A mixed with 375ml of B with 163ml of water.
5 Continuo TOP ART Satin+ Second of two At least 3 hours after step 4 Roller


The ultra-matt TOP ART needs to be diluted less than the other protectors.

4  Continuo TOP ART Ultra Matt+ First of two At least 6 hours after step 3 Roller Top A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B mixed with 4 units of A with cca 0.5 units of water. Eg. 1.25L of A mixed with 312 ml of B with 150ml of water.
5 Continuo TOP Ultra Matt+ Second of two At least 3 hours after step 4 Roller


If you buy our system you’ll be using a water-based and formaldehyde free solution, with a low VOC. This micro cement coating is rated as A+ (the best possible rating) Emission (‘Emissions dans L’air Interieur’), issued French authorities.

Components in Micro cement kits
Beton cire kit Wall kit Wall & Floor kit Sample kit
Atomo X X X X
Base X
Mesh X
Base X
Deco A X X X X
Deco B X X X X
Link X X X X
Top A X X X
Top B X X X
Wax X



Impera Italia’s Advice™

If you’re looking for a polished concrete look that can be specified and applied easier than most Venetian plasters then don’t hesitate to choose our micro cement finish.



A variation of micro cement was and is still used by the British shipbuilding industry to coat steel ships’ nails to increase their corrosion protection.



The 6 Advantages of Creating a Concrete Look with Microcement

In the realm of contemporary interior design, the allure of concrete aesthetics is undeniable. With its industrial appeal and minimalist look, concrete finishes have become a staple in modern homes and commercial spaces alike. 

However, achieving the desired concrete look often comes with challenges such as weight, installation complexity, and maintenance requirements. 

Enter microcement—a versatile material that has revolutionised the way we create concrete-inspired spaces!


What are the 6 main advantages of opting for microcement for a concrete-like finish?


1. It’s a Versatile Product

Microcement offers unparalleled versatility, allowing designers to seamlessly integrate the concrete look across various surfaces. From floors and walls to countertops and furniture, microcement provides a unified design aesthetic that exudes sophistication and modernity.

2. It Gives You an On-Trend Look

At the heart of the concrete look is its undeniable aesthetic appeal. With microcement, designers can replicate the texture, colour variations, and subtle imperfections of traditional concrete surfaces, creating visually stunning spaces that captivate the eye and elevate the overall ambiance.

3. It Creates a Seamless Finish

Unlike traditional concrete, microcement can be applied seamlessly, resulting in a smooth and continuous surface. This seamless finish enhances the visual appeal of the space, offering a sense of elegance and simplicity that is synonymous with modern design.


4. It’s Easy to Customise

Microcement provides endless opportunities for customization, allowing designers to tailor the look and feel of the space to suit their vision. From choosing the perfect colour palette to experiment with textures and patterns, microcement empowers designers to unleash their creativity and create truly unique environments.

5. It’s Durable

One of the hallmarks of microcement is its exceptional durability. When properly sealed and maintained, microcement surfaces are resistant to wear, scratches, and stains, making them ideal for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings. The longevity of microcement ensures that the concrete look remains pristine and attractive for years to come. 

This durability, however, can only be ensured with the appropriate surface preparation beforehand. If you need any technical advice on the installation or preparation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0333 012 4396 or [email protected]!

6. It’s Easy to Maintain

Microcement surfaces are relatively easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal upkeep to retain their beauty. With regular sweeping, mopping, and occasional resealing, homeowners and business owners can keep their microcement surfaces looking fresh and inviting with minimal effort.

In conclusion, microcement has emerged as a game-changer in the world of interior design, offering a modern and versatile alternative to traditional concrete finishes. With its seamless integration, aesthetic appeal, durability, and ease of maintenance, microcement has earned its rightful place as the go-to choice for creating stunning concrete-inspired spaces that stand the test of time.


Number of coats: See the General Information or the PDF Manual
Thinning: ready to be used and powdered, or mixable 'A' and 'B' components
Coverage: between 4 and 5 KG per msq
IIMC001 - Cardiff
IIMC002 - Edinburgh
IIMC003 - Cambridge
IIMC004 - Birmingham
IIMC005 - Glasgow
IIMC006 - Exeter
IIMC007 - London
IIMC008 - Canterbury
IIMC009 - York
IIMC010 - Oxford
IIMC011 - Lincoln
IIMC012 - Belfast
IIMC013 - Manchester
IIMC014 - Liverpool
IIMC015 - Newcastle
IIMC016 - Aberdeen
IIMC017 - Perth
IIMC018 - Sheffield
IIMC019 - Ultra White
IIMC020 - Winchester

Please view the documents below for more information on Microcement Wall Kit 10 SQM.

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