5 Key Tips to Create Scandinavian Interiors

If there is a trend that seems to have cemented itself in the last decade, it is no doubt the Scandinavian interior design.

If there is a trend that seems to have cemented itself in the last decade, it is no doubt the Scandinavian interior design.

The functional yet visually appealing décor has gained such popularity, in part because of its affordability, that it has been used and interpreted in many different ways. Rooted in minimalism, and relying heavily on natural elements, Scandi décor seems to have a mass appeal, which has several reasons, but its versatility is definitely one of them.

It originated from both the aesthetic and cultural roots of the Nordic countries, more specifically the Scandinavian ones. Its rise goes back several decades, but social media in the past few years has most definitely meant a huge boost for its popularity. And so did IKEA.

If you want to learn more about the origins of Scandinavian décor, and some key tips to inspire you, keep reading!

Minimalistic style

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway together are referred to as Scandinavia. With Finland and Iceland, they make up the Nordic Countries. Whilst they have important differences among them, the minimalist, functional approach in design had some influence in morphing them into a seemingly homogeneous entity in popular culture.

Scandinavian interior design found its roots in the concept “hygge”. The word itself is Danish and it denotes the quality of cosiness. When interpreted in the context of interior design, it is all about creating a comfortable, cosy and relaxing environment.

Scandinavian décor first gained attention during the 1950s, when Frederik Lunning, a Danish businessman based in New York first awarded the ‘Lunning Prize’, known as the ‘Nobel Prize of Scandinavian Design’.


Why is it so popular?

The Scandi décor’s popularity is hard to sum up in one sentence. Different people like it for different reasons, but most often it attracts those looking for a clean, minimalistic  and functional style that will complement their day-to-day life in a very practical way.

It is one of the few styles that, despite seeming like a fading trend a few years ago, its design principles have made it into a timeless classic almost, as it can be adapted to and mixed with other styles as well. The Japandi interior style is a perfect example of that.

The clean, minimal aesthetic, the natural elements all wrapped into a design that revolves around functionality will most likely stay around for a long time, and will be interpreted in many different ways.

Scandinavian interior design

How to achieve a Scandinavian look in your home?

Most of us already have an image in mind when we hear about Scandinavian minimalism. The widespread popularity of IKEA definitely helped to adapt, at least partly, different elements into our homes, and the many images we come across on social media never fail to inspire.

But instead of just purchasing furniture and accessories inspired by the Nordic way of living, what are the main points we can focus on to create the perfect Scandi look?


1.   Eliminate the clutter

The simplicity of the Scandinavian décor starts by focusing on the essentials. Eliminating clutter and unnecessary items is a must, as everything should have its own place. Hoarding things that we don’t need in this sense, is also something we don’t really see in Nordic-style homes.

Instead, it’s best to opt for furnishings with ample storage space, that will not just complement the décor, but help hide all items and create a serene, calm environment where we feel relaxed instead of being distracted by the clutter.

Minimalist decor

2.   Incorporate natural elements

Wooden elements and furniture are one of the cornerstones of Scandi style, and probably one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of items to look for.

The natural add-ons however, don’t stop at wood. Incorporating cotton, linen, wool are all characteristic features of the style. Depending on how Nordic you want your home to look, it’s also good to add sheepskin rugs, and leather seatings, as they give a warm touch to an otherwise relatively cold looking décor.

Of course, if we consider nature in furnishings, we should not leave the walls out either. Our Lime Eco is our most environment-friendly product, that has none of the hazardous qualities most emulsion paints do, such as the high VOC levels. It also boasts antibacterial and antifungal properties, therefore it is the perfect backdrop for furnishings that aim to bring the outside in. It can be applied with or without a Colourwash.


Concrete Paint is a great alternative, if you are looking for a semi-textured concrete-like finish!

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Scandinavian decor

3.   Stick to a neutral colour palette


When it comes to colours, opting for achromatics and neutrals are the standard choice for the Scandi look. Of course with a pop of colour here and there.

For large surfaces, and seatings, aside from choosing hardwearing, quality materials, it’s best to go for light greys or neutrals. Alternatively, we can mix it up with warmer tones, but ideally, only earthy, natural colours such as dark browns or greens.

Our Sioloc Suede range of semi-matt, suede-like neutrals offer a wide variety of warm and cool tones as well, that allow plenty of ways to layer different colours, and create the perfect Scandi backdrop, with an extra special finish.

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Scandi style

4.   Add pops of brown and black

Whilst it’s best to stick to a neutral colour palette, mixing it up with the right accessories and pops of colour is essential to create the ‘hygge’ inspired atmosphere!

Adding little touches of black, for example by adding cage lights or mirrors and pictures with black frames is the perfect way to add contrast and create interest, as an excessively light and empty-looking space can seem like a blank canvas without the right accessories!

Layering with different pieces, such as knitted throws and sheepskin rugs are also a great way to create a warm atmosphere in your home. Depending on what colour palette you create, adding statement furniture can also achieve the same effect, especially in dark leather finishes!

If you want to add dark earthy tones to the wall finishes or create a beautiful feature or media wall, we highly recommend looking at our Tintoretto range, as its colour selection and velvety texture can complement simpler tones as a feature wall.

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minimal aesthetic

5.   Invest in timeless design

Scandinavian countries opt for natural elements such as wood or linen, not primarily for aesthetic reasons, but for their durability. A high-quality dining table can seem costly, but it was meant to last for decades.

With long-term investment pieces in mind, it’s important to choose items that will age well, and in case we want to add something very current or trendy, it’s better to do so when it comes to picking accessories. A few pillows or lights are much easier and cheaper to change, than a sofa or cabinetry. One of the reasons for choosing wooden finishes and neutral tones is that they will look great for many years to come.

When it comes to wall finishes and flooring, durability will not just depend on the colour or the design, but how well the material works in the environment it’s installed in. Considering the different factors that can impact durability is a key in determining which product to go for.

One of the best multi-purpose products we recommend, especially for minimalist, contemporary homes such as those inspired by the Scandi look, is Microcement.

The concrete-like finish on one hand, is the perfect complement in its wide variety of muted neutrals to Scandinavian decor, on the other hand its durability and versatility make it the perfect addition to any home.

As it can be installed as flooring, worktop, wall covering or even as an alternative to tiles in wetroom areas, it’s the best choice for those who want minimalist finish, and a cohesive look throughout the different areas of the house!

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Scandi look

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