Colorificio Sammarinese offers an exquisite selection of designer paints, plasters and metallic finishes since 1944.

Colsam works closely with multinational clients like the International Motorcycling Federation and is one of the few worldwide brands to have it's own national stamp. The company's values have been built on family values and the traditions of the Republic of San Marino and these launched it from it's humble beginnings as a small family company to an icon of quality decoration.

The cooperation of Impera Italia and Colsam is based on the common values of quality, responsibility and reliability with the goal to introduce San Marino's decor to the English-speaking markets and clients.


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colour match

Colour match

For Venetian polished plaster, microcement or Italian paints

Venetian plaster starter pack

Starter pack

Venetian plaster and metallic finish kits complete with tools



Exquisite authentic polished Venetian plaster



Paint effect with velvety shimmer



Lightly-textured metallic finish with patina

Samba Colour Wash


Colour Wash for Italian Plasters


Groove Iridescent Coloured Waxes

Semi-transparent shimmery water-based effects


GaGa Glitter

Brilliant additive for plasters and paints

Universal Primer for Interior Italian paints and Venetian plasters

Universal Primer

Smooth primer for interior finishes