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Italian decoration – Venetian

With Venetian, a high-gloss, lime-based, Venetian polished plaster you can create mirror-like walls and ceilings of great depth and clarity. As Venetian is a porous, eco-friendly, natural material and naturally regulates humidity (it allows the walls to breathe), you can use it to decorate eco-friendly and passive house (passivhaus) projects, restorations and renovations of old or listed buildings.

Venetian is very ‘juicy’, which means you can spread it and create glossy surfaces easier than with most other lime-based polished plasters! With this Venetian polished plaster you’ll get a great balance between look and workability and an astounding value for the price.

To create a metallic Venetian polished plaster look you can apply some of our Patina waxes with a polishing cloth on top of a dry finish of Venetian.


How to apply Venetian

If you apply Venetian as a finish

A. on its own, on 2 or more coats, you need to use Universal primer as a base. Once the Venetian polished plaster has been applied protect it with the Impera Wax or Wax D’arte.  The right specialist tool to apply this plaster is a Venetian plastering trowel.


B. you can use Grassello Naturale on larger surfaces as a more cost-effective first coat and apply Venetian as the finish (last coat or ‘finitura’).


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Try to apply Venetian on its own and compare it on top of dry or wet Grassello Naturale to better understand the differences between different techniques and find the best method and look for you!



Venetian plaster has many trade names, like Venetian, Polished plaster, Stucco Veneziano, Stucco Lucido, Venetian stucco, Lucidato, Grassello di Calce, Classico, Luciano, but all of them represent one product, a fine putty, enriched with marble dust able to achieve a glossy finish.





Tool: Stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel
Number of coats: 1 to 3
Tinning: Ready to be used
Indicative spreading rate: 0.73-1.1 msq (7.8-11.2 square feet) per KG on 3 coats or 4 msq per KG if used as a final, single coat only on GRASSELLO NATURALE

Please view the documents below for more information on Venetian.