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Beton Cire Kit

Contemporary waxed concrete finish for 10 sqm




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Beton Cire Kit

With our Beton Cire kit you can enjoy the beauty of polished concrete on a wall or ceiling for an unbeatable price. With this stunning finish you can appreciate a perfect continuous surface without interruptions, seams or joints that will dress your interior in an indistinguishable modern character. With a single kit you or your applicator will be able to cover 10 square metres of walls or ceilings.

Beton Cire is a stunning cement and resin-based decorative plaster, applied on 2mms, that can be a hard-wearing feature of any living room, staircase or bedroom.

If you are looking for something for walls and floors as well, see our Microcement Kit for Floors and Walls or in case you are looking for a wall finish with enhanced durability, check out our Micro cement Wall Kit!

If you’d like to test the quality of our microcement check out our Microcement Sample kit you will be able to cover roughly 0.5msq

Beton Cire Colours

Our beton cire comes in 20 contemporary colours which you can also see physically if you buy one of our Microcement Mood Board Sets.

To see a list of colour designations and respective colour codes of beton cire colours please click on the ‘Specifications and Application’ tab.


Tools for Beton Cire

If you’d like to apply Beton Cire you will need a plastic trowel and a Venetian plastering trowel beside some basic tools like rollers and empty containers.


Why Choose Beton Cire

The distinctive advantages of our microcement system:

  • You will purchase from the most established UK retailer of Italian decorative specialist finishes, based in London.
  • You will have original, hand applied and durable wall and floor coating that lasts.
  • You’ll have a complete Microcement system for every 10 msq with colourants already added (no measuring is needed, colour accuracy is high), with a two year shelf life.
  • You’ll use an approved Microcement system from the largest decorative products specialist producer in Italy
  • You can complete projects in only three to five days depends on which kit you purchase. (scope of works, preparation, complexity of work and  working place condition can extend this time frame significantly)
  • You can apply it on top of underfloor heating (see more details in manual), cover furniture and create durable and waterproof bathroom finishes
  • You will have our technical support before and after purchase. Technical training can be also provided.
  • You can purchase only 0.5msq kit for sampling or patching

Finally, beside enhancing modern homes and business environments with microcement finishes you can also renovate existing surfaces like ceramic surfaces, porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural and reconstructed stone and other coatings like epoxy or polyurethane resins, just to name a few.

To see all the beton cire colours on a single sheet, please see our pdf chart here.


What is Included in Your Kit

Atomo Primer for porous surfaces 1L
Continuo Deco Comp A Decorative Coat 15Kg
Continuo Deco Comp B Decorative coat 5Kg
Continuo Link Comp A Sealer 0.1L
Continuo Link Comp B Sealer 0.05L
Wax D’Arte Wax 0.5L

A single kit covers 10 square metres.

Don’t forget to purchase PRO LINK seperately for non-absorbent surfaces as it’s not included in the kit!


How to Apply Beton Cire

Step Product Layer When? Tool
0 Atomo or Pro Link Only one Create a bonding coat on porous OR non-absorptive surfaces Roller or brush
3 Continuo DECO* First of two At least 3 hours after step 2 Stainless steel or plastic trowel
4 Continuo DECO* Second of two At least 3 hours after step 3 Stainless steel or plastic trowel
5 Continuo LINK Only one At least 12 hours after step 4 Roller
6 Wax Single coat 12 hours after Deco 2nd coat Fine polishing cloth
Drillable 2 hours after the wax has been applied

When you buy our Beton Cire you will get a formaldehyde free, water-based and low VOC solution that was marked as A+ (the best) Emission Rating (‘Emissions dans L’air Interieur’) by the French government.

Components in Micro cement kits
Beton cire kit Wall kit Wall & Floor kit Sample Kit
Atomo X X X X
Base X X
Mesh X X
Base X X
Deco A X X X X
Deco B X X X X
Link X X X X
Top A X X X
Top B X X X
Wax X

Impera Italia’s Advice™

If you sand the coats and apply this finish with a plastic trowel you can eliminate most of the movement and can actually achieve a microcement finish with no or little movement!



Béton ciré comes from French and can be translated as ‘waxed concrete’.



Number of coats: See the General Information or the PDF Manual
Thinning: mixable 'A' and 'B' components, no water is needed
IIMC001 - Cardiff
IIMC002 - Edinburgh
IIMC003 - Cambridge
IIMC004 - Birmingham
IIMC005 - Glasgow
IIMC006 - Exeter
IIMC007 - London
IIMC008 - Canterbury
IIMC009 - York
IIMC010 - Oxford
IIMC011 - Lincoln
IIMC012 - Belfast
IIMC013 - Manchester
IIMC014 - Liverpool
IIMC015 - Newcastle

Please view the documents below for more information on Beton Cire Kit.

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