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Marmorino Supreme

Fine grain natural Venetian plaster




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Marmorino Supreme

Marmorino Supreme is a lime-based Venetian plaster with unique features that will give you a look and workability like never experienced before. Marmorino Supreme has been designed to achieve an ultra-smooth and higher gloss finish in comparison to other similar products on the market. Furthermore, with its extra-fine grit, it allows you to achieve a level of coverage that is unrivalled.

Marmorino Supreme should be applied wet on wet, which significantly reduces the application time and its smooth, satin-like texture can easily be achieved by a quick compression and burnishing.

It’s high alkalinity will help you to create coatings with great resistance to mould and algae and will also naturally regulate the humidity in the area where it is applied. The Venetian plaster finishes created with Marmorino Supreme are beautiful, durable and completely eco-friendly.

You can change, age or refine the look of Marmorino Supreme by using a colour wash like Samba, or Lime Eco or a metallic colour wash like Sioloc or Gimcyn on top before any wax is applied.

You can customize your plaster by adding Gaga glittersto enhance that Luxurious look.


How to Apply Marmorino Supreme

Before applying Marmorino Supreme you will need to apply Universal Primer first and leave it for 2 to 4 hours to get completely dry. Apply as many coats as the look requires of the Marmorino and once the finish has dried completely, protect it with our Impera Wax. When you’re applying Marmorino Supreme ensure you should be using our Venetian plastering trowel.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Although Marmorino Supreme should be applied wet on wet, a vastly different, more textured look can be achieved with applying it wet on dry.



Supreme, a song by Robbie Williams was a massive hit in 2000 and is a tribute to British Formula One driver Jackie Stewart.





Tool: Stainless steel Venetian plaster trowel
Number of coats: at least 2, wet on wet
Thinning: Ready to use
Coverage:  between 0.7 to 1.2 square metres per KG
Grain Size: 0.3mm

Please view the documents below for more information on Marmorino Supreme.