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These wonderful, colourful San Marco colour charts have been hand applied to provide real colours and finishes for specifiers. Each catalogue features dozens of colours, uncoloured ‘base colours’ and industrially mixed, reliable shades. Most charts present not a single, but a family of products, please see the FAQ for more details and the ‘Specification & Application’ section for the list of the presented colours.

Products applied on a larger areas might slightly differ from the samples presented, due to the fact that samples are limited by size and that the application method (the tools, skills and approach of the applicator) can significantly affect the final look.

The Decorativi Minerali with 180 colours (plus 28 deep shades for Grassello di Calce) is a unique tool in the world of Italian decoration, it presents a huge variety of off-white and light colours along with a wide selection of darker shades.

A limited number of charts can be borrowed from our showrooms and brand ambassadors, please visit or call them to enquire about the details.

For the microcement colour chart select Continuo.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

It’s always a good idea to purchase 1KG of the selected plaster or 1L of the chosen paint, coloured, to be applied on site or on a board to check and approve the final colour. Please see the chosen product’s page to order the respective board or sample pot.



The word catalogue is derived from the ancient greek word katalogos, meaning ‘pick out’ or ‘enrol’.


Presented colour ranges per brochure as of 2016

Continuo: C600-C646, with the following real, applied samples C603 with glossy protector, C600 with satin, C613 with matt

for our Microcement floor and wall kit


Decorativi minerali 180+ colours:  T400 to T579, T200-T209, T211-T228

for most of our lime-based, natural Italian plasters


Marcopolo and Marco Polo sable: 0700-0711, 0713-0727, 0729,0730, 0732-735, 0737 to 741, 0750-0753, 0755-0761, 0780-0789

for Marcopolo


Cadoro and Cadoro Velvet: 0500-0511, 0520-0529, 0603-0605, 0608,0610, 0617,0619-0622, 0624, 0626, 0628, 0630, 0633-0636, 0638, 0639, 0641-0643, 0645-0647, 0654, 0656,0657,0659-0662, 0665-0672, 0680, 0683-0688, 0691-0693

for Cadoro


Velature: A600-A653

for Velature


Perlaceo: A512-A523

for Perlaceo


Roxidan: fondo 0250/  roxidan 0270 effetto cuoio antico, fondo 0252/roxidan 0270, fondo 0253/ roxidan 0271, fondo 0252/ roxidan 0271, fondo 0251/ roxidan 0271 effetto ossidato, fondo 0251/ roxidan 0273, fondo 0254/ roxidan 0001 perla, fondo 0253/ roxidan 0272, fondo0251/roxidan 0001 perla effetto tramato

for Roxidan Perla


My_Art:  012B, 031B, 058B, 127B, 140B, 142B, 147B ,158G, 009N, 012N, 002R,015R, 206R, 002V, 004V, 136V, 159Y, 161Y, 179Y, 191Y

This colour chart actually shows various BASE COAT colours as My_Art is generally not tinted!


Marcopolo Luxury: 0900-0941

For Marcopolo Luxury


Stucco Veneziano: V001-V066

For Stucco Veneziano and Luciano


Acrisyl Decora: Y050- Y061, G040-G049

For Acrisyl Decora


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